La Nuit De L'Homme Review | Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance/Cologne Review (2019)

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La Nuit De L’Homme Review | Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance/Cologne Review (2019)

Hi guys, and welcome to Curly Scents! This video is a fragrance/cologne review of the legendary La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Do you think La Nuit De L’Homme is still relevant in 2019?


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All opinions on La Nuit De L’Homme are my own, and keep in mind that you may have different experiences and opinions on it. That’s what makes fragrances so interesting!

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Curly Scents says:

Hey guys !! Hope you enjoy the video. What will your Valentines Day scent be?? 😉❤️

Shannon Gordon says:

Great video. I am wearing La Nuit De L'Homme, it's my daily for the office.

Jonathan Rios says:

¿Ud habla español señorita Andrea?

House STARK says:

I have to say, I could listen to you read medical journals or encyclopedia volumes for hours; your voice is very soothing and sexy.

House STARK says:

LOL, 1:35 great review, and I enjoy all of your reviews, keep em coming!

ricardo style says:

Eres un amor

Cristian International Trade says:

Nice french pronunciation about Yves Saint Lauren👏 sadly this master fragrance now days doesn't last(3 hours max but as a skin scent and very weak projection maybe half hour) and its thinner than before, it doesn't worth to buy it.😩😥

Fermin Treto says:

Hola! Please review Terre D’ Hermès 👍🏼

DaVinci’s Alchemyst says:

It’s a great scent 😊 still gets a lingering sniff from those in the bubble. I don’t think it’s lost its relevancy, but the over hype has caused frag heads to focus elsewhere. The popularity has died a bit but that’s good because not everyone is wearing the same thing 😝.
My scent of the day was Valentino Uomo Intense. Cheers 😁

Jake N says:

Perfect review… I’ve seen sooo many reviews for this fragrance as I’m currently torn between La Nuit and their new Y parfum. I’ve tried samples of both and I honestly don’t smell all the compliment hype. I’m leaning toward the Y. Any thoughts or perspective would be appreciated from anyone.

Ceddy Superstar says:

I have one of the later formulations myself so i can only judge it off that. But it's smells so good. Moderate projection but no issues

Andre' Bell says:

Love la nuit! Yes👍🏿

Arsh Dhaliwal says:

Great job.. perfect review.. SUBSCRIBED 🙂

Armando Cardenas says:

Que hermosura de mujer 😍

Othman Gherraby says:

A good one, YSL L'HOMME is better though

Carlos Bolanos says:

La nuit YSL DA BEST!

Freddie Ambroziak says:

Never tried this one I think I'm gonna just gotta find it at a good price

Jonathan Rios says:

The perfect scent! I have owned both, the vintage and the reformulated versions. I have found just one little difference. The vintage lasts 1 hour longer than the reformulated version. Still… The perfect scent! Thanks for the great review!

Misan says:

Just found your channel. You definitely know your stuff – fantastic content. Keep it up. Subscribed.

Hops And Lead says:

When the squirrel popped up, I died lol

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