La Nuit de L’Homme Review by Yves Saint Laurent | Perfume Review | YSL LA NUIT DE L’HOMME

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LA NUIT DE L’HOMME Yves Saint Laurent for Men –

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MagnifiSCENT X says:

Hey, Tiff! Since you did review the original La Niut, you might want to aslo consider reviewing LA NUIT DE L'HOMME L'INTENSE and LA NUIT DE L'HOMME LE PARFUM. I'd like your thoughts on them and how they are similar to La Nuit with their own twists.

Nitra813 says:

seems like a date night scent or close encounter scent, but i agree why pay the $$$ if it doesnt last. I still may get a bigger sample because i did like the last one i received

Charles Martin says:

This is my love my Wife cologne when I want private close encounters with my Wife. I own the 6.7 bottle reformulated version. It reminds me of Vera Wang for Men sex in a bottle but doesn't last as long but smells amazing. Great video and review as always be blessed

Hyun K. says:

Very good review! I love how it's simple and straight to the point. and editing is top notch! Subscribed.
I have both original and 1st formulation bottles and I love them. I havent met single person that disliked the scent. With that being said, todays la nuit is not worth the money IMO.
Can you please consider reviewing Tom Ford Noir Extreme? It is quickly becoming my new favorite cooler weather scent.

B Garner says:

What software are you using to edit your videos? I love the quality. Great job!!!

Dkt B says:

hello. do you happen to know Dolce Gabbana the One? If so, what's your opinion?

Wongoloide Wong says:

she reminds me of sade …

Syed Alam says:

My fav!!

dexxxhunt says:

Hello lovely.As always fam,great video.I don't own this one,great creation though,from a great house.Sending my own little love reminder as well Tiff 🙂 If you get a chance,please check out Nasomatto's 'Narcotic Venus'.If you dig it…maybe you can review it some day (smile) Don't think any ladies here on the tube have touched on it.I can see you DIGGN it sweetie.It's a really sexy upscale creation!It's a Tuberose beast.I could see you loving Maison Francis Kurkdjian's 'Feminin Pluriel' as well.Lol…random I know haha.Bless up my dear/Peace

mc ifty says:

great video. I have just subscribed. I have 4 100 ml bottles of the 2009 and it is amazing. lasts all day and I have come across a lady that does not like this one.

Ibrahim Bdawie says:

You do good reviews! Thumbs Up!

Ram Cam says:

shit u pretty

kijang777 says:

The video editing is on point!!!

kijang777 says:

Hope you include some ingredient picture while you explanation. Because some ingredients is hard to imagine… Haha.. I love you talk more about ingredients story and how they work.

Quophi Phrympung says:

this is my wife's favorite on me…
but mine is D&G The One even though it has a subpar performance

Andrew Wood says:

review Diesel bad

Andrew Wood says:

I have it. I dont like it. I prefer Diesel Bad

Y2FitgentleMan says:

I have the 2011 bottle that last long. 2015 or higher will be weak just look for that yellow juice. Go to to tell the year.

Paul Davis says:

You are so gorgeous ❤️…. this is my favorite Cologne I have the frozen version of this cologne and I love it especially the opening it's just on describable and I love your review in it ??

Peo Eneroth says:

I don't have it anymore because I got my hands on a earlier version but I used to get a decent amount of performance.

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