La Nuit de L’homme Intense vs La Nuit de L’homme

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Battle between two amazing Fragrances
La Nuit de L’homme Intense:
La Nuit de L’homme:

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Mnus L says:

You held the old batch smelled differently from new batch, guys the old one sucks in new batch wherever u get nowadays. It’s more like misleading video

Rob Weaver says:

why shouldn't a fragrance be rubbed in?

Torsten Reise says:

What about Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit EDP though?

Hamed of Rivia says:

"but I don't really care"
– Jeremy de Savage

SPACE says:

best review include more hot German models

Krisztián says:

0:16 Germany procreate!!! :DD

Dine Lalumiere says:

What an amazing and manly channel, Jeremy! My 100ml collection is growing up to sixteen this week. I am adding eau pour hommes and eau de cedres. Both from Armani. I needed (or Wanted as ppl say lol) some real woody fragrances. Do u know other good ones to suggest? After those ones i think i will go with Terre d'hermes, PR pour hommes and D&G the one Ex. Ed. Thanks a lot mate, from Montreal Canada!

Rap India says:

Wat about la nuit de l’homme , le parfum ?

Tuan Pham 1⃣ says:

Miss Germany looks like an actress from a movie that i've seen , but can't remember her name

Chris Schlee says:

Ich benutze das Original, seit es damals auf den Markt kam und fand es immer phantastisch. Aber ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass das auch von Kennern so positiv bewertet wird. Bestärkt mich doch gleich nochmal mehr, mir noch ne weitere Flasche zu gönnen 😉 Unterhaltsames Vid!

mehmet yıldırım says:

robot german girls know what ?))

Omar Ak says:

I didn’t understand at the end of the video u liked the original or the intense ?

Mostafa Allo says:

Please I want final which to choose intense or original

عصام جاسر says:

You are so lucky. . To get ths pretty lady beside of you. .🌹🌷👌👌

Matthew Caligari says:

Wait a sec … Jeremy first said that his preference is La nuit de l'homme then said that "easily easily he prefers the intense version" …..
I'm confused… Which one it?

dimple nagila says:

* girl rubs her pulse points*
Jeremy on the inside: oh no baby what is you doing

flo_plstr says:

2:52, look at that fist bump try/fail 😀

eric bravo says:

I couldn't even pay attention to your review with all those beautiful girls there

Moon Dar says:

I brought this perfume but its smell not remaining for long time???why

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