La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent | Fragrance Review

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Smell 02:28 | Other Peoples Opinions 06:39 | Ratings 8:22 Sharp contrast of a fragrance. Lavender and Spice blast initially at the top which has a powdery fe…

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Aleks hodge says:

This od Chanel Bleu ?

JesusLivesAndLovesU says:

Hi Cody, where can I find the 200ml bottle?? Thx

dracdoc says:

Honestly don’t know.. but I haven’t spent any time with the EDP

Adamkay17 says:

Any idea why the EDP has a bad projection compared to the EDT?

dracdoc says:

By all means.. try it in the spring!

Buki Sinanoski says:

Im a 17 years old,can I try this fragrance in spring ?
I mean,is this fragrance sexy ? would girls like this ?

AllaahsProperty says:

You smell lavender and spice in LDH??? I only smell vanilla and nuttniness.

Ronanuel says:

Review beckham please

Joe Anthony says:

La nuit or DHI???both said to be feminine but also heard they get a bunch of comfortably fine with the iris. In DHI…someone help me decide

Kuik Weng says:

Could you review fragrances by David Beckham? They seem way underrated, not many reviews on Youtube ! 🙁 glad if you could do one, great videos btw !!

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

1 WORD to describe this cologne is….”SEXY” yup Women will come up to you and smell your neck and go fall in love

shakespearespqr says:

It translates to “the night of the man”, not the other way around. Maybe not an exact translation, to me the name feels like they were trying to say “the night belongs to the man” more or less.

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

Yes…Iam 16 and i wear YSL LA NUIT….EVERYWHERE

drake2v says:

could a 15 year old pull this off?

Raul Carrion says:

it’s the night of the man …

trickykid3000 says:

cool yeah they are so F’in hard to find, longevity isnt too important as all day scents can give me a headache or i just get sick of smelling it. So it might be right up my alley. thanks 🙂

Neil4Speed says:

I have tried out most of the Canali fragrances (excluding Summer Nights). Black Diamond is one of my favorite fragrances ever, scent wise absolutely amazing, reminiscent of John Varvatos Vintage. The original is also amazingly nice, but the issue with all Canali Scents is that the longevity is really poor.

slosh11111420 says:

This is probably kind of random, but compared to some other reviewer’s i appreciate your intro. I am not sure why they go from extremely loud music to extremely quiet dialog. Kind of random but it just bother’s me i have to constantly adjust my audio listening to other’s review’s.

MrSchovit says:

cool review…you’ve got something very likeable about you.

innersilencedotcom says:

I’m very impressed with your reviews Doc! Thank you for this great review on La Nuit de L’Homme. I actually bought it this evening and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Very accurate reviews bro, doing real good 😉 Congrats and subscribed.

dracdoc says:


spartan7942 says:

Are you gonna review Hanae Mori HM?

r wilson says:

I’m totally unimpressed with La Nuit De L’Homme. I couldn’t wait to get a sample based on the reviews I’d seen, smelled it and fell asleep. Everyday, average, ho-hum scent.

ESCOadrian92 says:

Love this scent. Made the mistake of wearing it on a very warm afternoon/night… in a car… never again!!

dracdoc says:

Yah.. I found out too late. DANG

dracdoc says:

I don’t have that fragrance yet… though Ill see if I can pick it up

trickykid3000 says:

any chance you could do a caneli review? i can never find it in stores, but ive heard so many good things. however im hesitant to buy it online since ive never smelled it myself.

lightspeed388 says:

Believe it or not, the Le Parfume notes are completely different to those of the EDT. The EDT notes are: Top notes. Cardamom, Middle notes. Bergamot, Virginia Cedar, Lavender. Base notes. Vetiver, Caraway. Just thought I would let you know. Really enjoy your videos man, cheers.

dracdoc says:

I said the same thing

dracdoc says:

gotcha, thanks man!

dracdoc says:

Will do!

dracdoc says:

No argument here! I completely agree with you regarding the fact that a fragrance can be worn at anytime by anyone. I just try to “suggest” best application. Vintage fragrances are great and I do enjoy them! I do not actively collect them mainly because I don’t like dealing with Ebay/Auction sites. However they do have their place

larryking1113 says:

I went to my nearest fragrance store to have this sprayed onto a test strip.
I gave a blind test to my gf and she thought I was buying her a female cologne.
She doesn’t hate it but she can’t see men wearing this…

KING Harvey says:

my first time wearing this was a few weeks a go and I almost choked myself out lol between the Arizona heat and my body heat it was a bit to much for me lol winter time cologne for me

DMOtron32 says:

IMO, for a dark scent its a very safe scent. It’s definitely a love or like scent but try to find someone to hate this is just crazy. Nice review.

auralhealth says:

I can’t believe it! This is the first time that I am in total disagreement with you. Obviously, I love this particular fragrance and find it to be appropriate for whenever I choose to wear it. The marketing and the name of the fragrance suggests evening wear for a mature/sophisticated individual. However, I disagree, one can wear this whenever they choose and at whatever age it happens to be sitting on their shelf. I like what you’re doing. What’s your feeling on vintage fragrances?

mrzayas81 says:

I must say ur a hell of a great an old viewer from two years back and now started reviewing so no obligation but if u want check out my new uploads on my top ten summer and my review on chergui.

mrzayas81 says:

I must say ur a hell of a great obligation but if u want I just posted my top ten summer and a fragrance review on chergui so if u want check that out.

Jorge Silva says:

It means ”The Night of the Man”, my friend.
I’m Portuguese and French is still a bit far from my language in some cases (although both are latin based) but this isn’t one of that situations. Just a detail!
Great review, keep them coming

BulletproofVan says:

Newegg selling frags now wtf??

Riwin Frederick says:

cool thanks what about reviewing a david beckham fragrance you dont have to

rprovenz says:

One of the best….

dracdoc says:

top 10 high school fragrances coming in october

Riwin Frederick says:

Can you please review a david beckham fragrance (preferably beckham instinct sport). and maybe a top ten colognes for highschoolers. If it is too much to ask then thats fine but it would help me.

jeffrey18930576 says:

Great review, Thanks !

razscott says:

Another one i love lol, not owned a bottle yet, just a decant but will be purchasing the 200ml for sure when i can find it at a decent price, its Very popular in my neck of the woods, maybe too popular, but i like it so im gonna buy it.
Lovin the reviews bud, keep it up :~)

keatonguy09 says:

for some reason this fragrance doesn’t last on me that long :O it only gives me like a really really short amount of time, I enjoy the scent but I think the chemicals have an issue with my skin thats why they dont last as long as they do on others. Or possibly its just olfactory fatigue. Does anyone else have this issue?

MauricXe says:

This is my signature fragrance. Although Aventus and Pure Havane are not far behind.

I get lots of complements with La Nuit.

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