La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance Review 2016

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It’s my pleasure to share my thoughts on one of the most renown date fragrances for men ever made. It’s not just one of the a top date fragrances ever made, it’s perhaps one of the most popular mens scents made over the last 7 years since it was created. La Nuit has been badly reformulated and the scent itself has changed significantly from original bottles. Are newer bottles worthy of the YSL La Nuit Legend ? Is it still a great cologne for fall? This and more I discuss in this mens fragrance review.

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Burezzu Blaze says:

I have the 2015 batch.
5 minutes after spray it becomes a skin scent. Sigh.

Don says:

What's the performance for the 2014 collectors edition?

Andre Ortiz says:

R.I.P la nuit d l'homme. the opening is great but the only problem about this frag is dat after 2 or less than an hour when i spray it on my skin is gone. so disappointed for a frag dat used to be excellent back then, but the reformulation shit fucked it up

Lycosa says:

I subscribed because of this song. I think it should be between P-A on the rating scale. It's OK but not necessarily worth buying, any batches after 2014

Lycosa says:

Yes its 50% of what it used to be or so :/ so much worse and reformulated, watered down. RIP 🙁 REST IN PEACE LOL….. Funny thumbnail

Antonio Dragonheart says:

I feel you, man. I have a bottle of the current formulation and I barely restrain myself from smashing that shit into the wall. La Nuit used to be so fine…

Harris Droid says:

definitely doesn't last the way it should for a hundred dollar bottle. I've switched over to using the la nuit del homme fragrance oils, I get the same fragrance high and the oils man talk about beast mode I get about 5-6 hrs this stuff projects with only a little dab of the roll on pulse points yeah man this stuff rocks I bought a 1oz for $10. I use it sparingly because is so strong. I haven't tried the creed oils yet but for $10 im all in.

rod T says:

What's up, review the dunhill icon absolute. thanks

Lance Evangelister says:

By FARRR you got the best fragrance channel. Your production is great and you have character and passion for fragrances. Keep posting dope content.

Ismael Rabhi says:

We should ask Armaf to make a clone of the vintage version

Majoe_47 _47 says:

omg I totally agree with your opinion…I remember smelling it back in 2014 (where it was still better, richer on the cardamom note) and I recently smelled it again but its totally crap…the cardamom note is very weak and was originally the key of the whole combination (for me) don't get me wrong, it smells still better than average or most of the fragrances but its not worth the price or the performance…just 4 poor hours on my skin

kingfolston17 says:

Great vid man! Glad I own 4 Vintage bottles 2011,12 ,12 and 13

B Bradley says:

I'm only buying niche scents from now on. They keep watering down all the designer scents I like.

Jonathan Martinez says:

RIP la nuit….???

Bryant Oates says:

let me ask you this? what's your take on l'homme librea ysl?

Bryant Oates says:

yes I have. to me they almost smell similar.

Jay Dee says:

Other than F Black by Ferragamo, are there any clones of La Nuit out there???

1vs10 says:

original version 12/10
reformulated version 1/10

Bryant Oates says:

I haven't tried the new version of this scent so I can't say anything about it. but I will see what is up with it. but? I don't have a bottle of the old version and I can definitely say that it is a beast. in my opinion all you need is 1 maybe 2 sprays to get the job done. any more than this? you might chock people out. lol!!! but a very good scent. I think it almost as the same scent as ysl l'homme. the two almost smell the same.

Dream1Pix says:

Really nice vid bro!. Off topic: I had to pump the volume to the max to hear you. Remember that audio is as important as the image so monitor it properly. Cheers!

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