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Episode 4: Chris Brown cries at the BET Awards; Twilight: Eclipse snares new movie-goers; and zombies attack! It’s been a big week in LEGO news and your favo…

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chandlerandbob2 says:

@LegoKayla twillight is , NIGH SHA YA YA!!!!

LegoKayla says:

Loved the intervew with Kristen Stewart x)

treyblowski says:

the brothers grunt the show too wierd for mtv is to return to the air waves
many fans thinks it is just a prank and are not happy there are plans to
remake little shop of horrors, but not the musical, youtube sensation the
annoying orange was accidently slit while being knighted by the queen the
fruit is currently in critical condition

ninjagirl2501 says:


dodoshelly says:

how did u do that?

JonahStudios says:

what about the world cup?

Esmay says:

Ha ha ha! The FUNNIEST one yet! I especially love the burping scene @ the
end… how did you manage to get someone to burp so effectively?? ;P btw,
“I miss rhianaaaaaaa ahhhhh!” HILARIOUS!

Chris .That Is My Name says:


Caleb Christofer says:

@diehard243 watch the news ticker at the bottom of the screen. Your story
made it 🙂 Thanks a lot for the comment, we appreciate your ideas!

Kristel Narvaez says:

twilite is the wost movie

Veronica Amaya says:

say no to robot torture!!!

legostarfreak says:

Justin Bieber has finally hit puberty, no more fans….not surprisingly

krato901 says:

great video man so funny

WaitWhatCullen says:

awesome man

blackjack0014 says:

hahahaha so funny

Gmandancer says:

i agree with whats is name whos says twilite is junk even though it is
worse then junk

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