Kris Versteeg’s Stanley Cup Rap

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steeger raps at the 2010 stanley cup rally.

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cody hartog says:

@truthandreasonnow ya heard of Eminem? he's one of the world's best rappers and he's white…

EuroN says:

@truthandreasonnow something more sad is that we have racist people like you dudeson

FlyersFan452 says:

LMAO and I'm like YES! WTF

FlyersFan452 says:

Lmaoooo. What a tool. Too bad half their team were traded away. 🙂

fiddlestick89 says:


fireteam2479 says:

@impino26 I actually thought he was bent over shaking his head like "There's no way he's actually doing this". The News cameras showed it differently when I got home than when I saw it there. Lol.

impino26 says:

@builtfordtough29 i was wondering why he was all bent over.

Erica Landise says:

Its obvious that sharp had versteeg do this so that kane could finish puking before coming on stage! 🙂

poodtang1 says:

I'm glad they won. I used to like Pronger. But lately he seams and acts kinda like a douche.

Elliecute8 says:

@pinkigirli22 it's acutely the party's rock en'. The songs called Yes by LMFAO

Dolly Bleser says:

"every time i dive in my pool, its hard to be humble while i do a breaststroke through an underground tunnel and come up on the other side in a jacuzzi being greeted by two girls that are wearin my jersey. they give my lots of hugs and kisses and they ask me what my wish is, i say go and get your friends cuz theres gonna be a party. and in the end the stanley cup is the dream! and im like yes the partys on!" -kris versteeg <3

Blakekx80 says:

hahaha hawks deserved it comin from a canucks fan…..

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