Korean Summer Fashion Trends 2015 | Wendy’s Style Tips

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Wendy’s back with a summer fashion trend report! She will be talking about different hair, clothing, and accessories that are trending in Korea for Summer 2015!

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Koh Xin Yue says:

hii, may i know where do you get the source of the fashion trends ?? :)))

ashley vasquez says:

loved it thank you

Iera Maya says:

I very love this video!!!

Hyomin Lee says:

Wow ur really pretty and from side angles u look like miss a's suzy??

Simone Mowatt says:

how do you get into fashion school in Korea if your from Jamaica? can you please help me please cause I really went to go to fashion school school in Korea. i believe the Korea fashion style is unique to  the other style I have seen across the world and study under the great designer in Korea  and someday perfect my fashion style. So can please help me out!

Rosalie Butterfly says:

I have the first dress

0BlaiddDrwg0 says:

Girls, listen to her. thats serious stuff. forget french or italy , korea is the trend country.

Ladie Ballesteros says:

Hello Wendy. You look like Suzy!

yixing park says:

Korea always has the best fashion before anyone. Thanks for making this video!

Layla Amarir says:

Thank you so much !! I think you're amazing & i loved your outfit .. it's simpe but trendy (y) ! Thanks again , you helped me a lot !

LadyGryf says:

it's still spring in Europe 😉 i can tell that converse all star in white are IN right now ^_^

I ship It says:

lol i love coral and mint too <3 so nice to see that this is the fashion trend this yr. love, love pastel colors. glad to know ombre hair isnt out yet either, still haven't tried it yet.

Crystal B says:

denim should meet the expectations they have

greatescape_804 chervyyyyyy says:

can i ask if i can use my own face cleanser when using the elisha coy 3D spin cleaner?

chibip6 says:

I KNEW I should have snagged that bucket bag…I looked at it three times before I left the store yesterday…thanks for the tip! I've also noticed an increase in pastels, ripped jeans, and flowing tank tops, as well as midriff baring tops here in the Midwestern US haha. 

el le says:

Loved this! It's very helpful. Some of this stuff I knew from doing my own observing/research but some of it I learned from this video! Plus it's nice to have someone confirm the trends I've been noticing! Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing more videos in the future :)

Kaitlin Javier says:

Wait, what skin color suits orange brown? You skipped that detail~

Sarah Chew says:

I loved how detailed you were in this video! Can't wait for more to come Wendy!!

Bedry Qintha says:

Here, cullotes are back in trend.
And, similar to Korea, pastel color is in trend too, esp for make up.

NemoRosa700 says:

am I the only one who really doesn't like destroyed denim pants? I mean little bit is ok but I can't stand the holes in pants look (especially on baggier denim pants). It looks extremely annoying xD

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