Kate Moss Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

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Music: Depeche Mode – I Feel You
Year: 2009

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Boo Radley says:

60 seconds of the same shit looped over and over again

Albert John Nguyễn says:

i'll buy the dream

Lou says:

they are selling dreams….

Lila EV says:

so passion depeche mode <3

dembabydolls says:

Love Love Love the fragrance not so much the commercial Ms Moss looks better in the print ads

Pierre Dupart says:

Kate Moss, je t'aime !

Sabinelle V says:

@SomeTrespassing if women dont have orgasms how do they cope with the statement of being HORNY?

Sabinelle V says:

but Kate Moss is British… I know it doesnt matter, however she acts "parisienne"

Jack Rey says:

@PinkyPandaBow lucky id love to do an essay on this instead of "an inspector calls" haha XD

izzy Honey says:

she's so fuckiny sexy and gorgeous..she is an icon and one of the biggest models EVER
love her <3

Lucio Rodriguez says:

Does someone know if there is a video or mp3 of this version of the song?
Thanks , great video btw

Messaiiina says:

Can you see this being shown in the U.S.? HA ! Those hypocrites would be shocked.

Miranda says:

sex with style? haha 🙂 nice video

tiggermatty says:

Steamy 🙂 I like it.

rocksinoo says:

@valaire8 Go listen to "I feel you" by Depeche Mode ^^

ronnyraggini says:

depeche mode rules the world

abrahamcitooo says:

@mateoadan De hecho Kate Moss es una mujer Parisinna; de hecho de eso trata el anuncio y la marca asì lo reflejo el diseño del frasco es de las sabanas de una noche antes y una mujer misteriora envuenta en un traje de noche a el amanecer! aah te digo por qùè trabajo en YSL :p

patrice valaire says:

This music is not by depeche mode but by "frah" singer from a french band called "shakaponk" let's go listen to it !!!

patrice valaire says:

this music is not by depeche mode but by "frah" singer from a french band called "shakaponk" let's go listen to it !!!

M Garcia says:

Not very fond of this cm…

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