Karl Lagerfeld’s interview – Spring-Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear CHANEL show

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More on http://www.chanel-news.com The CHANEL Spring-Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear show took place on October 1st at the Grand Palais, Paris. Soundtrack: Artist:…

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What is this music ????? Nobody knows ??? Oh my god !!! This show is amazing ~♥ i love it N him!!!!

Yasmin Boulbrima says:

Cara delevigne !

AITokyo says:

Love u Mr KL!!!!!

Pola Marinova says:

i like the way Karl thinks,simple and smart

zincink says:

this collection is like an art student with the color palette on the skirt, the headphones/giant pearl necklace/ the art on the wall — it is art school + fashion — art,music,fashion are one – the only other designer who resembles this trait is Rick Owens

Georgine Verano says:

Amazing Karl.

Georgine Verano says:


lovingklimt says:

and remixed by Prince?:) I’m reading the description of the video

lovingklimt says:

the booty don’t lie…….janelle♥

Joubaier Joubert says:

I love love love the concept of the necklaces that’s so genius

Joubaier Joubert says:

Nobody like Karl!!!!!

tictocmm says:

1:25 Caroline Brasch Nielsen tic

ec796 says:

The booty don’t lie

Cyd the Kidd says:


daisy says:


José Daniel Caamaño Hernández says:

MAESTRO!!!! <3

DjBLaKSponge says:

chanel needs a new creative director. they put daria strokous in a black wig

Hannah Gordon-Smith says:

Absolutely adore him.

Aura Monroy says:


Gerardo Arenas says:

love that karl revisits the chanel jacket every season , he does wonderful work making it fresh every season

Aero Windwalker says:

I feel they’d work very well if they are in urban outfitters….


Nothing amazing, except the make-up…

Lorenzo D says:


Colette Michele says:

Not a fan of this collection

haleybabyxxx says:


yakultlove says:

Winter collections are always better. Love Lagerfeld though.

Sultana B says:


Joan deeren says:


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