Kanye West – Christian Dior Denim Flow

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Kanye West – Christian Dior Denim Flow (feat. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie) Kanye West – Christian Dior Denim Flow (feat. Kid Cud…

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BryantHaze says:

Pause this video, go to the “rainymood” website, wait for the rain and thunder, come back to this video and press play and enjoy
The combination makes this song beast 😀

menace562lbc says:

if you play this with the original at the same time, they align very smooth

GrayoTV says:

Its funny when people listen to the whole song waiting for Christian Dior Denim Flow to come on

MCMidoMeezy says:

Kid cudi killed it too

goldandsilverman says:

this shit sucks

Jay Bernen says:

I remember I was so dissapointed because this song didn’t make the album

masterded1o1 says:

i cant believe this song has so many views !
i think its actually better than the actual song, it quenches my thirst ♥

Jeremy Bolger says:


Payton Gallagher says:

if you play the actual song christian dior denim flow and this instrumental in perfect time, they coordinate amazingly and the result is beautiful

tackettman123 says:


tragiik123 says:

Lol this song is actually so good that listened to the whole thing and then realized that its not what I came for

sandykaulitz0 says:

Shit shit shit, i’m in love of thiss one

sick1407 says:

am i trippin or is this an instrumental? lol.
im not paying attention to the song then i realize the song was over all i heard was instrumental.
but its dope instrumental tho.

Fabienne Griffiths says:

damn amazing!!

ollytaylor22 says:

YouTube sometimes take the audio off songs because of copyright or whatever. He probably wasn’t just trying to get views, he probably had to replace the song. Chill the fuck out dude 😛

Julio Aguilar says:

I Hate Kanye Now Everysigle Song Is Not What Im Looking For

DLloydisDFG says:

he really should have put this on the album and as a single

AnthonyAkaMusic says:

ahhahahhah nigga u have me soo weak

RAPFR94 says:

This song is: “Gentle Tear Drops” by Music Shake. Just Google it. Original version is without lyrics.

rishawn98 says:

Why does this shit have so many likes

123RamiZzZ says:


ch3zpuff says:

whats the actual name of this song?

JzeusTx says:

How long did it take you to type that? A simple click back would have fixed your problem. Its ok though, anti social people need to rant online to get heard. Your mission sir, was accomplished.

TeamDrizzy100 says:

Love this song

ReppinThe937 says:

All of you are ignorant for giving this dude credit for being like all the other pieces of shit who post bullshit titles to get people to watch/listen… Update the title of this video you fuck… If I wanted to hear some sappy elevator funeral version of this song I would have searched for that… You are stealing credit from the real song… You sir are a bitch

Sijs8 says:

Same here, did you find the song with the rapping?

jcarsony says:

glad this was first comment. u saved me time.

Sunni Lowe says:

Me gusta .

15iloveboobs says:

This song is just beautiful, amazing work.
Anyone know the real name to it?

LazySativa says:

u sir, are a GENIUS

Uma Li says:

yay be ceay talkin ah huh yea hah

Daniel Dayal says:

Yooo! That dopeee!!! Niceeeee

Calvin Allen says:

You are awesome.

Lowkeycalikids says:

can i use this ? ill give you credit 

sgpoet47 says:

together they create an awesome combo .. its like bam… instant calm

li2eggie says:

where can i find more like this?

chdz92 says:

this is the first time i don’t get mad by getting trick.. the beat is so peaceful and beautiful.. every time i draw i hear this!!

Fiasco117 says:

who made this beat? this is fuckin dope

Americabeatz says:

all you rappers check my channel for dope beats
and some free leases

li2eggie says:

this just made the song that much better

xraydude22 says:

Man, I wish the actual song started like this…..

Chakib Tsouli says:


You’re welcome.

dakota765 says:

I think this guy should give us the real name of this song so I can learn how to play it on my keyboard….

NikeforAdidas says:

How is this called?

BadBoyBoxer101 says:

id say

BadBoyBoxer101 says:

this song sucks id perffer the real version dick thisiskidcudimuicic you suck

xoxSeLeNa123xox says:

Thought for the longest time that this song was the actual song… 🙁

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