Kanye West- “Christian Dior Denim Flow” Ft. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan

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LYRICS: Kid Cudi + John Legend: I got the world in my hands, the master plan But I don’t know why I keep callin’, why I keep All of these girls in my shows, …

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Shook s says:

I really thought cudi’s verse was nice. A lot of people didn’t like it to
end the song, but I did. 

Matthew Velasquez says:

“Niggas think they know, when they got half of the story, they don’t really
know it’s in my head fucking with me” Kid Cudi will always have the best

James Adkins says:

stuff all my problems in that bong and I’m puffing strong 

Matthew Jelinek says:


Nicole Branch says:

Love this!

DonB39 says:

A classic Kanye song and it wasnt even on an album..

Justin Simmons says:


1m1ja says:

People r sleep n on lloyd banks verse!

Jesus Christ says:

kanye does autotune right though.

CERVEZAslam says:

dat flow

Monica Romero says:

Fucken love Kid Cudi’s verse!!

Junior F says:

Best song of 2010……easily!



Pocket La'dray says:

can someone make a version where it shows all the models he named though !

EvanderHolyfield7 says:

kanye nad cudi,fuckin love those guys,their songs are the best,no doubt
best duo

Chris Fyre says:


Eduardo Trevino says:

this is one of his best

Eduardo Trevino says:

so poetic.

ElMasterDelWaveo says:


Sternertime says:

finally, this is it.

Kaan Bulut says:

kanye puts these out for free because these r just rough copies (reads the
feed back on the comments and then fixes mistakes or patches in it im
guessing that the album will have all songs revised fully

Joe James says:

kid cudi killed it!

flyazn91 says:

i hate the static on Kanye’s verse

GDaio74 says:

wtf this a 2010 we are the world

PaPaJoHnUYA says:


sodisrespectfulify says:


Edgar Florian says:


moeachistunna23 says:


downposted says:

kanye got the world in his hand the master plan why the fuck do he sound
like he on a phone call man weezy did it but he in jail i heard static an
all WTF

ProkreatedThrash says:

@downposted Nah Weezy only raps about how good he thinks he is. Seriously,
even in songs that are supposed to be about fucking, he still talks about
how awesome he thinks he is.

downposted says:

@ProkreatedThrash whoa bro slow your role weezy is that nigga nobody beside
em fucking with him

wmckinley24 says:

kid cudi is just a boss

TheDueI says:

Nigga said he trying to eat out so why we going to dinner fo’? My ratings
for ye just dropped.

Fern412 says:

What?!? Kudi’s verse is the shit!

downposted says:

weezy is going to kill the fucking game 1 more month YES!!!!!!

ProkreatedThrash says:

@downposted Weezy’s garbage.

zadayzttv says:

whats up with these 70’s bitches in the bacground

htownawreadi says:

fuck kanye taylor swift or die bitch lol

Robert Lopez says:

Kanye West and Kid Cudi killed it

y oo says:

lloyd banks!!!


Ryan Leslie,Banks, and Cudi Made this song.. I could do without that kayne
name droppin verse sounding distorted,and pusha Cud spit but he prolly
wasn’t feelin this beat like that

joshbpimpinpr says:

Kid Cudi shouldn’t have went last…shoulda ended this joint wit Lloyd
Banks or Kanye…im fuckin wit this tho, good to hear Kanye off dat
autotune shit

amanda kozinko says:

Wow one of the worst songs Banks could ever hop on! This shit is weak as
hell! Banks you call this a Blue Friday exclusive? Dont loose your
following fuckin with trash like this cuz this song is definately a bunch
of bullshit thrown on some lame beats that switched for no reason because
they both suck. Seriously Banks you disappointed me with this one and only
because this was supposed to be a Blue Friday exclusive and on top of it
shit didnt get posted till Saturday afternoon.

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