Jennifer Lopez | Moments of Fashion: The Versace Dress

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Moments of Fashion: Episode One, The Versace Dress


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Donna Vaughn says:

The dress was obscene and since then more people have gravitated toward showing more skin in the front. Girls dress like women, and no Cosmo the magazine should be a adult only magazine but it isn't. Casual attitude toward modesty means we have little modestly anymore. Celebrities are the people that take us to the new heights and new lows. I liked the colors of the dress but it should have had a middle to it and for that reason, I didn't like it nor J. L. anymore. She wore the dress on purpose, she tries to tell us it was innocent, no, they know exactly what they are doing, no matter what she's saying, it's all planned out very, very well. Standing by David D. a sex addicts. Good grief.

Britney isallyouneedtoknow says:

I honest to god JUST mentioned this dress a couple of days ago
It really was an iconic moment

Maryann Testa says:

I'm sorry Jen.

A L says:

Классное платье, но что будет если ветер подует или вентилятор 🙂

Cristina Luna says:

Ok! First of all jennifer i love you❤, but my name is Erubey Lopez Adally. So we got the same last name which is really cool. And it would be a dream to meet you. I am 10 year old and i am in 5th grade. And i really hope you see comment and reply to it. Just remmer to never give up and you are beautiful.

Jess RR says:

I love her laugh and smile 💜

Hayleigh Bishop-Sweeney says:

I did not realize she wore this dress so long ago 😂

Tony D says:

Interesting. Crying without tears…

Janine F says:

Wonderful story. So sorry you lost your friend

Dann R says:

Why is she so flop at everything? Omg poor thing.

Cindy Johns says:

Yay! My girl J-Lo!

Marielisa Zf says:

I discovered fashion because of this dress

Waleska Nieves says:

Awww! So sad! Sorry for your loss Jenny!😥

Anastasia Tsotroudis says:

Beautiful lady…thank you for sharing these moments with us❣️❣️❣️

Noelia Kline says:

So sorry for you loss <3

Rachel bond says:

Is it me or does JLo just get more beautiful? Always fire!🔥

Adrijana Ceni Poka says:

I just love her. So sweet.

Maya Chad says:

Wow it’s so nice to see Jennifer like she was one of my girlfriends just siting there telling me a story about an event.. so captivating.. Love you gurrrrl 💕 RIP Luigi 🙏

Константин Кирьязев says:

RIP Luigi! Thank you Jennifer for being human! Love you

Sara Ghafar says:

Girl we need a skincare routine

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