Jean-Paul Gaultier’s ‘Fashion Freak Show’, a smashing and original revue

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“Le Fashion Freak Show”, at Paris’s famed Folies Bergère, is a feast for the senses. There’s song, dance, acrobatics, fashion, and a lot of audacity. The show tells the story of one of the most innovative designers alive today; Jean-Paul Gaultier. Surrounded by unusual and singular personalities, he recounts the story about himself – unvarnished and taboo – in this special edition.

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Āris Plūģis says:

European Ru Paul. disgustingly gay.

Deep Verma says:

Yes Muslims will have know problem over running France.

Francoise Loffler says:

Gauthier one of the BEST ARTIST IN THIS WORLD…a fantastic person! BRAVO

thnktank1 says:

Superb! I miss Paris. Wish JPG made men's sneakers. You are Trailblazer thank you for fighting so that I may enjoy the freedom I have today! Merci A Tout!

Matthew Hollander says:

מגעיל ומנוון

Guylaine Martel says:

Disgusting circus of ungodly heathenistic freaks. Pure 🤬 TRASH.

Sacri ficer says:

sluts with faggs they're the waste of the world

Paul Fagan says:

Jean paul at least the incident didn't turn you into a masochistic fetishist well at least not a hetrosxual one loved the muscly bears and the Folie Berger has a wonderful history for human rights

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