Jean Paul Gaultier Talks About Clubbing in London, Madonna and His Teddy Bear

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Joker, genius, designer and presenter. Parisian provocateur Jean Paul Gaultier has been shaking up the fashion industry for decades. Becoming a household name in the 80s and 90s, you’ll recognise his signature Breton stripe or his bleach blonde crop before his designs; fashion dripping with drama, spectacle and a cheeky wink.

Join i-D’s Steve Salter on a trip to Gaultier’s Parisian atelier for a chat about his early influences, his clubbing days in London, and exactly how he went from attaching a homemade conical bra onto his childhood teddy bear, to designing tour outfits for Madonna.

Including a fashion film with some of his most iconic looks, and contributions from JPG collaborators Stephen Jones, Erin O’Connor and Beth Ditto, we explore the world of fashion’s most fabulous designer.

Liberté, fraternité, Gaultier!

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Agto Vetro says:

One of the most creative designers ever!

Gabriella Briones says:

I would like to model his clothing

Rashid Salim says:

Anyone know the house track playing in the background frm 11:0912:11

Mitchell White says:

This man is such an inspiration for ANYONE that champions unique outlooks. There literally are no words for his talent for consistently serving 'visual calories' . I met him once in nyc when i still had my gallery in soho and he was so full of life and charming to the maximum.
I loved this man's manner and humor. Bravo jean paul.

PF D says:

I like his parfumerie

Sacred Thyme says:

Titty Bear ~

Ashanti Maluleke says:

"I feel like an ICONic bra"
GOAT 😭😭😭

Jossie Perez says:

A true king 👑.

Leonardo Ripa says:

He is nice, good fabric. But design? zero design….

screenfocus says:

Many years ago we met in a bar in Barcelone by chance. We were talking about everthing under the sun. I didn't have the impression to talk to an icon, but to a very nice and down to earth man.

Massimo Giordano says:


barbwirerope says:

Is there a better name for a fashion designer? I think not.

la villa du bruant says:

But this accent… no effort at all 🤣🤣🤔😰

LW says:

Still so cute 💃
(And crazy talented!)

India Haze says:

OMG 😻😻😻

alexandreintouch says:

the corset and crazy boobs metal, or african style and all of that it's Yves Saint Laurent in the 60 ' , YSL in the 60' see thru, pants, and ready to wear it's YSL…. and a lot more…YSL was the original "enfant terrible" anyway Gaultier has the elegance to say it himself he wanted to be a couturier because of Saint Laurent and he was his icon ( and Saint Laurent invited him to see his show,a show from the master were a magic moment , clothes made with perfection for women , not a fantasy of a gay guy, clothes to embellish, comfortable sexy that gave power to women, the Tuxedo , the first pant suits , first lather on the runway…. Saint Laurent did it all way before they all did it ….the Masters Balenciaga, Chanel and Dior , and Yves Saint Laurent they all had their own style , the rest they make "mode" fasion, comes and goes ,but only Style remains ….

Antonio Pasolini says:

He is fun – the only glitch is his stance on fur, which he endorses. Apart from that, he is great.

MS says:

oh god LOVE HIM cause he's out always out and living among us gay kids literally, JPG and his infamous blow jobs were well known on the london gay scene back then, not to mention all his big black "friends" circle at the queens in paris, ask any gay club kids around that time and they'll have stories to tell, hehhehe…….

teenie beenie says:

ran into him and his gang in the backroom of a sex club in paris


Ceramica Barbara says:

Seriously. Still clubbing? No libraries yet?

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