Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 by Jean Paul Gaultier | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

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Snowball says:

Do not Upload sexy videos

Вера Дамчук says:

Алиса с будущего 3001года.

Brooke Goslin says:

I think these haute couture designers hate women and are hell bent on making them look ugly on purpose !?

Hanna Maresfin says:

When Haute Couture is a Haute Couture.

Irkajavasdream says:

Fairies and beautiful creatures Jean Paul created, his fantasy took me away for a short time, I need to watch it again immediately. Masterpieces, every one. Unique, different from any other. This season couture is amazing all together this and Balmain so far are my favs. This is more intricate by far.

Stéphane Ledevin says:

Haut en spectacle, haut en couleur, magnifique collection (comme dab ).
Du grand JPG. Bravo Monsieur !!!

D. C. says:

I was literally falling asleep trying to watch this. I get Gaultier's aesthetic but I feel it's somewhat stuck in the '90s? And costumey…just to be costumey…is that modern? There was some interesting engineering in some of the pieces but I didn't feel a real "thru-line" and I have to say the show itself was poorly paced!!

Steve L says:

When the model at 3:55 decided to walk at the centre of the runway as soon as the other model stepped down..i was like …that model is woke…then it was Coco Rocha…of course!!!

Michael Soares says:

omg 06:09 Raica de Oliveira's comeback! <3

Nog Gon says:

Haut Couture ??? And that awful music! Paris is over !

Shaunte' Douglas says:

What an excellent show!!

Perfect consistency and styling. The inspiration was clear, but not copy+paste. And the shoes!…THE SHOES!

Michael Jayson Banua says:

The girl in red dress at 11:31 she went down the catwalk and went back up again. Damn she's so out of her mind. Poor girl.

Nellya Taho says:

Мне и музыка понравилась!!!!

Elizabeth Kelley says:

1/3 of these designs would have been great but the show was interminable and therefore lost it's power! Looks and music? Boring and repetitive.

vsboy 25 says:

No boobs wtf

LePouletBelge says:

6:35 coucou Lilia Hassaine

John Smith says:

Great show Jean Paul, congrats! A lot of great colors for the season and cool style still kept few Gaultier elements. Nice suit @ 2:00, looking cute @ 5:43. I would cut off the bottom piece @ 6:00 but it's fine. That's nice @ 8:56. Is that Nicky Minaj @ 10:20? What are you doing silly girl @ 11:31. Here's Dita Von Teese @ 15:19. Here's Jean Paul finally @ 21:55 but wait! Where's Dita once again. 🙂👍

Christian Morin says:

quelle musique assommante ! insupportable !!!!!!! quelque jolies tenues ! mais un défilé à vite oublier ! JP au boulot !!!!

sirens rafael says:

the final look is the best one

Karima Alallate says:

C'est merveilleux 😍👑

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