Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Jean Paul Gaultier | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – Paris/France)

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Marquis Vegan says:

Luke Cage brought me here 😂😂

StrongnBeautiful says: Only made it through the first 10 minutes of this mess, and that was a sacrifice! 😲

Florie says:

Un des rares couturiers à encore s'amuser en proposant des tenues différentes sur un même défilé et intéressantes… Seul bémol, les mannequins toujours aussi minces… Et là ça m'a vraiment titillé. Même si il avait déjà proposé des mannequins aux corps normaux, plus de diversités ne ferait pas de mal 🙂

cnote4461 says:

Very nice!! Some of the mens designs tho…The only ones I see wearing those are music artists on a red carpet at an awards show, or strictly as editorial pieces-nothing more. Like those long black skirts over pants…really? And did anyone notice about maybe 10 minutes in, one of the female models FORGOT to take the stairs like the others and walked all the way back? LOL

katia teixeira da Costa says:

I like the drama!

Pablo Martinni says:

where is the end??

Aho Greggor says:

I don't like he's models now look like Judio's the people who killed "Jesus Christ ".

Richard Campbell-Smith says:

What is with the lame music? Is every fashion house using it for every show or is this the only piece of music this channel has rights to use? Its banal once but several times its like boredom as a sound!

guillaume boonenn says:

Un rappel de l'époque Hermès au début, ensuite un pèle mêle de tout et n'importe quoi

yudi ansyah says:

citizen balikpapan city of indonesia country very appreciate

Anteroization says:

the public with hand fans and the models in winter, yes i like the clothes

Spencer Queen says:

Loved the colection but wtf, Who film this

mert köksal says:

who is the song

Jennifer Kindle says:

guy at 311 is gorgeous!!!

Heiderose Kessler says:

smoking, smoking, smoking

kelvin videnov says:

Please tell me what is the song that starts @ 03:50!!!?

Yancho Spasov says:

Many of the designs were so Old fashioned,but there were some great pieces as well. The dress in the end though it was conceptional was really outdated(the fabric was amazing) Really conceptional show

DKZ says:

wow Anna Cleveland at 4:06 !!! dramatic !!!

Lolani Fenring says:


Lilli pod says:

He always comes out at the end. There must be another video

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