“JEAN PAUL GAULTIER” Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Paris by Fashion Channel

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“JEAN PAUL GAULTIER” Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Paris by Fashion Channel
For the Fall Winter 2014 Haute Couture, Jean Paul Gaultier choose a cross between sublimation and irony. He focuses on a modern Mata Hari, a Parisian femme fatale, a modern Catwoman. Leather sheath dresses in bright hues and sex bomb suits, plenty of animal prints.
The crazy designer reworks his archives, the signature pieces that made him famous and re-mixes everything, offering a vision of his fashion that at times looks like a self-deprecating celebration of a Fellini movie.

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Jessica Uyvette Thompson says:

I love that clutch the first model has!

Gerard Eudaric says:


Cokos Rico says:

I hope that's not real fur!! but they're beautiful! yes, kind of dark runway!

Riri Rano says:

IT is too Dark to see the defileh ,كتير المسرح معتم ما لإقدرت أتفرّج على الفاشن شو على كل حال هو مقبول وليس بجيد حتى عندو أفكار ولكنها بحاجة للمزيد من الرقة والأنوثة والنعومة التي أراها أحيانا ولكنها تحتوي على شئ من الفجاجة وشكرا 

Sieje Akime Bell says:


oceanoxygen says:

7:30…JAW DROPPING …gorgeous dress, elegant way to approach color blocking…I'm in love.

A Henry says:

fail fasion

LotusReach says:

Darkness against darkness. No. There should be far more light to see the garments. The darkness should not dominate the clothes. But it does here.

gerald surratt says:

It's sad that the disco days are over love the collection but wear are we going to wear this at. NO MORE DISCO OR HOT CLUBS TODAY!!!!!!

mario garcia says:

es lo mas hermoso que he visto en mucho tiempo mil gracias, "IMPRESIONANTEMENTE BELLO"

Brigitte Plattner says:

Die Art Taschen hatten wir schon in den 80ern.

Oba4345 says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Juan Carrasco says:

loved every single piece!

xfly2 says:

A part of the music i think it's was used by Federico Fellini in his film Giulietta degli Spiriti

Layla Rose says:

This collection was gorgeous! gotta love it! 🙂

nega maluca brasil says:


Edward Loys says:

Thanks once again an unbelievable show Pink panther !

Dawn Conner says:

I love this collection!!!! …Merci`

Marina Leon says:

please tell what's the music starting at 8 35. thanx

Alfred says:

I remember the jpg back when he did madonna pieces, but now hmmm

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