“JEAN PAUL GAULTIER” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week HD by Fashion Channel

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JEAN PAUL GAULTIER” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week HD by Fashion Channel

The Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer 2014 collection was pure feel-good fashion spectacle that rang with the energy, the humour and the bullish self-assuredness that some would argue has been lacking from this quarter recently.
He invited his attendees to a night of Dancing With The Stars and, to the backdrop of a judges’ table starring Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, showed a collection influenced by the rip-roaring musical performances that anchored the action.
As attested by the screams of the audience when he spun choreographer Bianca Li down the catwalk by way of a bow, we were all feeling it as we filed out into the Paris night to find somewhere carry on the party.
What Gaultier tapped into was not so much the star power of such musical moments, but the constant shake-up of youth. The music was just a bonus. As for the relevance of his clothes to the here-and-now? They were and some were terrific. Checklist for summer: the mottled silk tracksuit bottoms, Liu Wen’s red rapper threads, more leather jackets than you can shake a stick at. His Parisians, all V-neck Breton top and pencil skirt with sheer sides, was a delicious pastiche that will never get old. His unambiguously transgender formalwear, a warping of a dress and tuxedo showcased the designer’s life-long adherence to the “don’t ask, don’t care” gender views. Read the T-shirt: he’s still fashion’s Enfant Terrible, and don’t you forget he’s cornered irreverent, not irrelevant.

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iheworld134 says:

i love the presentation……kinda boring seein models just walk by….this is some fresh idea

Think Bikini says:

Karlie is the next Naomi, No body can walk like Naomi then Karlie!

SAVY says:

This is exactly how a fashion show should be done!!!!! with a huge touch of creativity, enthusiasm, smiles, dancing, joy, elegance, and fashion ofcourse!

Javi Era says:

Coco and Karlie totally killed it! I love those girls…

Angel Blissael says:

Karlie Wow, mesmerizing

Wendie Cusator says:

Karlie and Joan slaaaayyy

youpihat youpihat says:

Bravo,Bravo et encore Bravo,inventive et drôle.

damien park says:

old designers who have no ideas so have to use gimmicks should stop doing it so youngsters can have some space in this competitiveness

Kevin Kuza says:

So far, the best fashion show of the year!! And the Oscar goes to…

Alice Robinson says:

THAT's how you do a fashion show!

Kat Ratcliffe says:

Karlie always is the best.

Mystery Mare says:

loved it so much



Hector Quintana says:

Rossy De Palma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vivian Barrows says:

Jade from Bratz loves Jean Paul! Lol.

Tijana Lubarda says:

Kiki is handsome, show is wonderfull:))) 

Nina Cookie says:

super exciting

sonata salciuviene says:

man patiko

manulbeast says:

I cried in the end

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