Jean Paul Gaultier | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive Video

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Jean Paul Gaultier | Fall Winter 2014/2015 by Jean Paul Gaultier | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/PFW)

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Rogelio Mendoza says:


Gonzalo Martin says:

Futuristic or edgy styles look very good on asians 🙂 

Isabelle Polidoro says:

#Jean Paul Gaultier | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive…:

GymGuy247 says:

Fifth Element 2…..?

Sabrina Spinelli WfY-Wellness for You says:


chimena77 says:


CONGRATULATIONS +Jean Paul Gaultier 

Ricardo Ferreira says:

Who's the HORRIBLE Man at 0:55 ?! WTF 

dode dode says:

il est trop gros gaultier!

Sara Sosna says:

I disapointed

τάνια τελώνη says:

The worst clothes I've ever seen.

Rosalba Gonzalez says:

A mi y a Beth Ditto nos encanto toda la colección jajajaja  

Yessenia Luevano says:

8:52 YEEE

Dimitri C. H. says:

The zipped dress, at 14:50… Love it ! Good print Jean-Paul. 

Nayr Gnilsog says:

Thanks to film editor for showing me Rihanna 5 times. Now I know she was there. The collection would not have been the same without her.

Sonni Perth says:

I saw Beth Ditto!!!!

JamilatBlue† says:

I love the space-age vibe! I just designed collection similar to that feel:)

JamilatBlue† says:

Is that RiRi at 7:47?

badarock001 says:

This is so creative!

Brett Goldman says:


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