Jean Paul Gaultier | Fall Winter 2013/2014 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Jean Paul Gaultier | Fall Winter 2013/2014 by Jean Paul Gaultier | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/Fixed Camera – Paris)

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Sheppie Het says:

In the ad these 2 both look like they got away from the fashion zoo. All $50,000. of ribs and drugged-out sunken faces.BLAUSH!

Nicole says:

Breathtaking show

Peru McCarra says:

Out of all the fashion shows for the fall 2013/2014 collections, Jean Paul Gaultier is my favorite, outstanding work and beautiful deep colors for the season <3

Gustavo Farias says:

Cara delevingne Love 🙂

Peru McCarra says:

I love Jean Paul Gaultier…this fall season he made the clothes look deep, dominant and strong, yet feminine and beautiful…and out of many of the designer shows this season his stands out, even with some of the darker colors used <3 <3

debissey says:

Esto es verdadera alta costura, me encanta!!

Jairo Alexander Bustos Rincon says:

solo puedo decir que es un genio o h mejor aun el rey midas de la moda buena colección

Carlos Abreu says:

there's some Fatima Lopes bitchiness trash in here… right?

outline4ever99 says:

Le divine maître!

max blass says:

speak of the devil; here she is at 4:13

skylilly1 says:

Great show! Very nice collection!

Aelium says:

Jaap or Jessica?

AliceCries says:

This fall is just recycled looks…it's as if the designers switch off looks, back-and-forth. I'm kind of bored.

indicarolin says:

1. woodkid-iron
2. C2C-down the road
3. the verve-bitter sweet symphony
4. the clash-rock the casbah

GagaOopsy says:

Jessica is such a diva. She looks way better in blond.

Marta Dašić says:

Music is flawless!!! Does anyone know names of all songs? Thanks in advance 🙂

heyitscaroline says:

Oh my god YES

Las Vegas Life says:

Yeah Baby!!

claricedoyle1 says:

one of the best ive seen this season with out a doubt 🙂

Benedict Ben says:

What a stunning show

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