Jean Paul Gaultier​ | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 Full Show | Exclusive

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Jean Paul Gaultier​ | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 by Jean Paul Gaultier | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW)

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Collin Dixon says:

Oh JPG, what's wrong mister? This isn't up to your usual standard. Come on… Spring / Summer 2003 & Autumn / Winter 2003… Now that is when you said to the world I'm a couture designer. This is a bit lazy for you… But as you're a genius, I'll forgive because I know you'll come back stronger.

Rafa Herrera says:

Coco just took my wig off, im so snatched.

leonardo goez ramirez says:

Is Coco Rocha still in the game? I mean, i love her, but i haven´t seen her in a long time, at least in the runway.

Gaby Rosano says:

Única y sorprendente colección!!

Maarouf india says:

Merci pour ce voyage je suis passer par le beton parisien vu des loubavitch en foulard des musulmane des fashion addict ❤ ensuite jai etai faire un tour dans des soirée mondain au rythme disco et detendu jai etait au quartier latin accompagner au rythme latino et je me suis retrouver avec des paysan qui ont bien labourer élégant charismatique et gentleman jai vecu le defilé sans y etre merci mille fois pour ce defilé vivant merci pour avoir stimulé mon imagination je dit OUIIII ❤ bravo au mannequin et leurs bonne vibrations et bravo a Jean Paul Gaultier

Аня Самарина says:

what is the name of the model on 11:52?

EricB256 says:

The split screen with the overall view on one side and the detailed view on the other is a very good idea. However, the overhead shots don't do nothing at all to showcase the clothes.

Edu T. says:

muito ready to wear nesse haute couture. mas gaultier é sempre bom mesmo quando fica meio aquém do esperado dele.

Vava _mrt says:

i'm french from paris and i'm 14yo. Fashion design is all my life id like to be a creator or a fashion design that my dream ! But which studies does i need to do helppp me

Erald Buba says:

Chanel look

jayc gylsen says:

Same old same old collection bit sad?

Victor Giner says:

Very Latin collection, reminded me of the typical Mexican soap opera, ideal to wear in summer. ??

Tamam Jraera says:

من اجمل الحلقات تولين بتشد مشاهد يتابعها للاخر بصدقها وطيبتها


As always A MASTERCLASS of how to be elegant and classic and at the same time so original, faithful to his roots and aesthetic, contemporary and….FASCINATING!!!!!!! VIVE MASTER GAULTIER!!!!!!!!!!

Entitled4 says:

Fantastic! ILOVE JPG

Minh Bùi says:

Love Anna! She slayyyyyyy

Oksana Vig says:

It's been a long time, I didn't like a collection of Gaultier. But, I love this one. The attitude of models shocked me a little bit.

Wong Sebastian says:

Anna, always fun to watch.

wuts gud? says:

Cindy Bruna 17:0917:37

MrRocktex1978 says:

was this show from 1980 or 2017

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