Is it Authentic: Louis Vuitton Handbags & Accessories

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How to authenticate Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories to determine if they are real or fake!! Some important tips are included to help you decide whethe…

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orthojem13 says:

Would you say that the Monty is still one of ur fave LV bags?

amandahissa says:

hey I have a bag and can’t find out if it’s real! I have some pics, of you email me, you’d be a huge help!

Bags4Bubbles says:

Thanks for watching! 

Bags4Bubbles says:

Thanks for watching! 🙂

Bags4Bubbles says:

I’m not sure what you mean by “patch pockets” but cities the age of yours & mine just have a zippered pocket on the front & zippered interior pocket by the tag. They have added cell phone pockets to some styles starting in 2012, but both yours & mine are older than that. Make sure you weren’t watching the RM & Bal comparison review & got the two bags mixed up? If you’re referring to flat pockets the RM MAM has two flat pockets and long zippered one in interior, Bals our age have 1 zippered. HTH!

cocacola988 says:

hey Di, I have a really urgent question about balenciaga, I recent saw a review on the RH city and I noticed that my RH sorbet city doesn’t have the patch pockets (it does have the zippered pocket with the bal tag) does that mean its fake or is it just some are made without those patch pockets? thank u so much! i couldn’t find this on tpf so I thought id try asking u

brittany D says:

I think once you feel the REAL VS the FAKE there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE and life Bags4Bubbles said counterfeit is illegal. The government is trying to make it a law if you buy fakes/ get caught buying one you will be fined or thrown into jail.

malabooluvu says:

Sorry….I miss spoke…I didn’t mean to say “Fake” . I meant to say I don’t see why people buy the real ones and pay all that money when they can go to a store and buy one that looks almost the same. I agree with you 100%. I would NOT aprove buying a fake to support the things you mentioned above, but I just think I can find alot of things other than a purse to spend $100 or more on. Not trying to be rude or anything : ) I love your videos…This is just my thought on this topic .

kurls315 says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing!

Bags4Bubbles says:

Thanks! 🙂 I was a “pro bono” authenticator, like on a forum – so not paid, but still a neat experience! The guide that I wrote about “How to spot a fake: Balenciaga edition” was actually referenced by eHow when they did an article on it, I found out a few years after I wrote it, lol!! Kind of neat to know that effort you put into something may have helped people out.

Karenec03 says:

Great video thank you! That is so neat that you used to be an authenticator. What a neat job!

Bags4Bubbles says:

Because counterfeit bags are illegal for one thing. They are also linked to funding terrorist groups (proven) like Al Qaeda, human trafficking, and child labor/torture. Video forthcoming on why you shouldn’t buy fakes for those above reasons, but the things they are linked too are so horrific, I’ve tried doing the video 3 times so far and I can’t make it through. Also, most fake bags are a hot mess - but people need to protect themselves from super fakes or if new to brands. Thanks for watching!

Bags4Bubbles says:

Thank you! 🙂 I’d been putting it off forever, but the beginner’s guide finally gave me the nudge that I needed to continue with this series, I’m glad that people feel like they are helpful. 🙂 Thanks for watching!

Bags4Bubbles says:

I don’t know anything about Jill’s Consignment, sorry! If you’re looking for rarer items, Yoogi’s Closet & Fashionphile seem to do a pretty good job of getting rare items in from time to time, you might check both of those out. Hope that helps! GL!

Bags4Bubbles says:

LOL… by all means, feel free to forward on to those that may need a *hint, hint*. Haha! General rule of thumb with life… if it seems too good to be true – it more than likely is!! 😉 Thanks for watching!

Bags4Bubbles says:

Thank you!! Glad it was helpful! 🙂

malabooluvu says:

If it’s that hard to tell if its fake or not I don’t see why people spend so much on the real ones.. Great video though 🙂

acuity4ever2 says:

Well done, Di!! Thank you for all those fantastic pointers!! Now you can say, ‘WHEW!”, that big task is done. I’m saving this in my favorites for easy reference!!

pedot4life says:

Its normal for thread to fray around the leather. It happened to my monty GM where the leather loop connects to the brass ring on my handles. It was due from the mobility of the brass ring on the leather loop.

emilyyy713 says:

Thanks for clearing that up for me! 🙂

Charity Mack says:

Ive been watching your videos since you got luminese bag. i shop at Somerset too. lol what do you think about Jill’s Consignment shop. i have only seen one bad review on an Hermes purse they sold, but the buyer sounds fishy. they have a few purses that have sparked my interest.

Babzillaful says:

Great video. I should show this to my mother-in-law. She got a “LV” bag from a garage sale for $40 and I asked if it was real and she said they told her it was. First of all, ain’t nobody gonna sell a genuine LV for only $40. I could tell a mile away it was faker than fake, but didn’t tell her haha

AJHappyheart says:

Excellent video so helpful!

Bags4Bubbles says:

I’m not sure if I totally understand right, since a picture is worth a thousand words and all of that… but if you’re talking about the threading coming loose where it connects – it can definitely come loose over time, with use, etc. It’s not a guaranteed thing that would happen, just depends on how it has been used. Hope that helps!

Bags4Bubbles says:

Thanks!! Now I can go watch yours this weekend, lol!! I don’t allow myself to watch videos on similar subjects before I make them if I know I have it on my filming schedule (to eliminate any subconscious duplication of phrasing, etc) – so that’s on my to watch list for this weekend! 😉 Have a great birthday!! 🙂

Bags4Bubbles says:

I haven’t paid a ton of attention to the Brazza since its a men’s wallet, but since it is a rectangle-ish shape when flat, should follow this rule. Don’t worry if the logo is “tucked” (partially taken because of a curve), but split directly in half on a seam shows bad alignment. I like to say that things are “generally centered” because saying they are perfectly centered doesn’t account for human error, but things should look very symmetrical as well. Hopefully that makes sense! 🙂

Bags4Bubbles says:

I explain more below to another commenter, so check that out – but in general, when you’re looking at rectangular or square shaped cuts on the bag or accessory (i.e. the main body of the bag), they make accommodations to their sizing to not have the “LV” portion of the print cut down the middle/in half. Don’t worry about the rest of the print, the quatrefoils, etc. They generally center the logos on the body and for most items that means all areas that are squared off should follow this rule…

Bags4Bubbles says:

Thanks for watching! 🙂 Glad you liked it!

Bags4Bubbles says:

Awww, thank you! 🙂

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