Iris Van Herpen | Haute Couture | Fall/winter 2018/19

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CathreaAna says:

Mobile ceiling fixture is a distraction. Is there any way I might view her designs in clear light without extra moving shadows?

Harry Olaya says:

7:25 that illusion visor was honestly EVERYTHING

pinakwat says:

who did the song ??:)

marie marq says:

I wish the camera was back a little more

My Crown G says:

Beautiful show. The light fixture is amazing. There is disconnect between the lighting fixture and the pieces, I feel. The models in the art pieces look like beautiful sea creatures yet the lighting is so technical

Daniel Martini says:

The ceiling fixture was a nice touch but took away from the clothes. The music, I've heard a million and 1 times. The lighting was dark but so was the theme of the show. The cameraman should be shot in the dick. The color story was meh but the show was Mehh. These would be great pieces for a stylist to get a hold of and add some flare or COLOR. Love the designer and great/meh show

Sally Lemon says:

seems like this video was originally from other source and here it was reposted with different music. but the music here is better though

Wendy Ngo says:

omg this was like organism on drug

Isabella Camacho says:

This camera work😶

Jam Mon says:

Extremely visually appealing and architectual. Such a visionary

gR Z says:

Am I the only one who actually adores the camera direction?

Matteo Crea says:

stunning, incomparable and visionary

Cupid Is Love says:

This is a work of a genius. Incredibly awesome! Speechless.

herdows says:

Such an underrated fashion designer

Deb Stein says:

The most stunning: 4:20 and all like it. These are all interesting and pleasing, but the long flowing caftan concept is fantastic with that material.

chae chong says:

This is optical illusion in 4d with fabric distorting!! Awesome!! Little hard on eyes, but still beautiful!!

Maleny Garcia says:

Hmm I thought she was more Avant Gaurde, not actually recognized as a Haute Couture designer.

Leona Teves says:

One chandelier would do

Becky Rode says:

Did she have a drunk friend shoot it? Horrible camera work

Woofwoof says:

I'm not even into fashion….. but these are gorgeous

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