Inside CHANEL: Gabrielle Chanel Goes West

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Her liberated silhouettes were adored by the press; her uncompromising style won over Hollywood. See how Gabrielle Chanel created a revolution that spanned coast to coast.

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Candice Swanepoel Love Victoria’s Secret says:

Awesome ❤️ 😘 ❤️ ‼️

Teddy Kurniawan says:

Its was sad that Gabrielle's dad told her and her sister go to America to start a new life and later pick her and her sister up. But thats a lie. But Gabrielle's always work hard and not given up and then her fate, change. Legendary.

Susana Agramonte says:

Chanel adoro amo 😘♥️🌸👍

Cengiz Yildirim says:

SRY. ..
Jacky Kennedy.
That is not a CHANNEL jacket.
Fake jacket
Createt by an amerikanischen Designer.
He look to Chanel and Made a Copy.

Marleen Scholz says:

Marilyn and CHANEL ♥

Fiera Carmen says:

Coco Chanel it was Satan!

bubble butt says:


Ainsley Ameerali says:

What i so love of these viedos is the photographs of chanel when she was young .. beautiful .. as i always say …. viva chanel

Putar Te says:

I am inspired by Chanel ❤️❤️

Oscar Parrilla says:

Utter perfection

pork chõp says:

Once upon a time there was Chanel

Dimitris D says:

Inspiration video! Thank you!

Jennie f says:

Karl ran all these.

Erika kawai says:


Pedro Pohlmann Giriboni says:

Inside Chanel are the most beautiful videos on youtube. Nothing beats "The color according to Chanel".

Letícia G says:

What a moving video!

Salma Salman says:

The story between Gabriel Chanel and New York

Eddie Garzón says:

Inside Chanel: Another idea of the genius of Karl Lagerfeld

elva pieper says:

Chanel and New York 1957

moonlight babydoll says:

a legend. ♡

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