INSANE $800 Givenchy Shirt/Miami VLOG!!

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I hope u all enjoyed this vlog in Miami, I had lots of fun making this video. I filmed a lot more while I was in Miami, that footage will go in the next video so be sure to stick around!! Thanks for watching, Subscribe to the channel and be sure to drop a like on this video.

Music Used in this video:
– Lil Skies: Creeping ft, Rich the kid

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Arshad Khazi says:

Hey man what size and what type of fit is it? Slim fit or oversized?

Car Enthusiast says:

Bro you lit AsF yow 🔥🔥 just subscribe to yo Channel

Taotaotao Hu says:

I think it is called t shirt


its givenchy not givearnchy and its not versachi is versace fucking dumb cunt yanks

Muhammad Haziq says:

Bro, is that slim fit size M?

Elton Mpongo says:

ohh bro can you donate some stuff that you don't wear bro I'm based in Canada we are the same size I think bro, please

lilgucci rolex says:

how old are you?

lilgucci rolex says:

how much was the supreme knife?

Jarno says:

That shirt look sooo fucking baller, nice cop man !!

Death Chihuahua8 says:

lol only lvl 34 get outta here noob

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