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I was so honored to visit Paris with one of my favorite brands, Christian Dior and you all know Harrods is practically my second home.

I hope this vlog shows you enough information about the exhibition , I highly recommend going if you can. It is showing until January 2018.

Outfit Worn:

MAX MARA COAT SIZE 38 – http://bit.ly/2zfbUzN
ISABEL MARANT TUXEDO BLAZER – http://bit.ly/2z1hzqh
WHITE LACE BLOUSE – http://bit.ly/2gZlUnN
BLACK LEATHER LEGGINGS – http://bit.ly/2hcZJfI
BLACK GIVENCHY BOOTS – http://bit.ly/2AaAvCC
DIOR TWILLY – http://bit.ly/2zgEzoc
DIORAMA BLACK BAG – http://bit.ly/2hdarTA

My Dior Bags:
DIOREVER – http://bit.ly/2hevvsU
DIORAMA – http://bit.ly/2hevwgs
LADY DIOR – http://bit.ly/2hd0uW6
DIORISSIMO – http://bit.ly/2he9Hxk

BLACK LEATHER JACKET SIZE 38 – http://bit.ly/2zgHmxz
GREY TEE – http://bit.ly/2zfkwq2
ACNE BLACK JEANS – http://bit.ly/2fjcEIJ

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VLOGGING CAMERA – http://bit.ly/2liYAQu
CAMERA FOR PHOTOS – http://bit.ly/2iC8hrO
LENS – http://bit.ly/2shsgVF

Sophie – https://www.youtube.com/user/Sophie5271
Lydia – https://www.youtube.com/user/lydiamillen

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CC xx

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Elizabethx15 says:

Is the lady dior small or a medium?

Eric B says:

Hello! im curious what the restaurants name that is in the beginning of the video? thanks 🙂

Glenda Starkey says:

Iiiii knew i saw your face before. I follow SOFIE……

MeggieAlice says:

You and Lydia should do more shopping vlogs together you never do anymore

aurélie says:

bracelet is beautiful x

Janet Roberson says:

Love the gray Dior bag .

Janet Roberson says:

I love Sophie are you friends ?

Janet Roberson says:

Loved the video

seancopeland says:

I really hate the off the shoulder coat look.

Chronic Beauty says:

You are such a doll Claire….you make me laugh and I love watching your videos you always make me smile and honestly Thank You!…I think you would be the best kind of gf to have…hilarious and gorgeous….and super sweet! Hope that you had such a fantastic time…my jaw had fallen open when I saw those gowns..WOW!…Wishing you all the very best and continued good health and much success! Love from Canada! XXxx

Maia Krstic-Howe says:

I love the hair tie you had in Paris. Where is it from?


lovely video! can we have a hair tutorial please, love your hair in a top knot with the ties xx

Jadorelamode Paris says:

Oops, the blog is amazing too!!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Jadorelamode Paris says:

Thanks so much for sharing your Dior bag collection!

Betty Liu says:

I have been watching your channel for awhile and the quality gets better! I love how relaxed you are with your videos like you’re talking to your girlfriends without being pretentious! Love the Dior collection at the end! I’m getting a Diorama soon and excited to see you share your collection Dior all here!

Dido’s life says:

are you and lydia still close? it doesn't seem like you guys are that good of friends anymore what happened …

Paris Bear says:

Claire,, Lydia and Sophie, for me  all that is missing is Victoria from Inthefrow.

snapitscat says:

You look and sound like Kate Winslet

Karen Jane says:

j'adore Dior…loved this Claire…and your outfits and I loved that you teamed up with Sophie xx

Maria Tsipe says:

Your Dior vlog was by far the best in terms of editing and quality, comparing to other bloggers who were there. Love your Dior collection as well!

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