I SCAMMED Louis Vuitton?! Desert Boot for $150 vs $1500 | Designergu.Ru Unboxing Review

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Please excuse the quality and low lighting…read for tea

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My Sales Rep | Yolanda
WhatsApp +626 559-4662

$149.00+$49 Shipping but they are very good on offering discount,
so I only paid a total of $170
-Coupon (Not Sponsored) EY10 & EY20 for $$$ off!

Shipping | Fedex, Got here 3 days after payment through Paypal, no signature required.

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https://bit.ly/2S8MvNR direct link to boots in video

TheRealBriTv says:

Great video girl!😍Some of these replicas really be on point! & The Boots were Cute!👌Congrats on your babygirl💖 let’s stay connected and support each other. I am subbing now

Jared Urizar says:

Counterfeit items, nice.👍🏽

Faith Smallwood - Wright says:

Crownhervixen as a retire police officer here's a tip for you never admit anything is a scam while holding the item in your hand. It's an automatic conviction sis. Becareful.♥️

Aiyanna Daniels says:

Has anyone bought from them? I’ve seen tons of bad scam reviews online

Adrienne Harrison says:

Has anyone ordered form here. Did it arrive. Does it look like real designer?

Adrienne Harrison says:

Is the site real?

Alexis S says:

Hello. How have your boots held up during the cold season?

cheryl clay says:

LOVE YOUR REALNESS GIRL, you're gorgeous.  I wouldn't spend that ridiculous money for a "name" IF I could

Mizz Coco says:

How do you pay threw PayPal

LeilaAisha says:

Hi there, can you give me your IG please? I will check your vids if I find it somewhere, but if you see this, and have a time to answer, I ll be happy too. Great video btw 💕

Jay Tube says:

How did you pay ? Can you pay with a visa card ?

Belle Monroe says:

Waiting on mine as we speak… thank you for making this video … I did find this exact pair on Louis Vuitton website tho .. it’s one of the first ones tho I think… but I could never spend that much money on shoes … I’m so excited to get these tho … wearing my year round … thanx again… congratulations on your new bundle of joy too🥰

Daisy Palacios says:

Has anybody who owns these compared it to real lv monogram canvas. I just purchased some replicas that were supposed to be 1:1 but the color of the canvas on the boot is off. I'm looking for some that match my authentic speedy.

Taylor Bobb says:

Thanks for making this video I really want some of these! ❤️

Cake by Trish Lorie says:

There so cute😍😍I want them

Tu Coco says:

Can you pu a link pleaseee ? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Ivana Blaskan says:

Thanks for making this video
Just ordered moncler jacket and paid through PayPal which I was skeptical as well 😃👍🏻

Just Tati Talks says:

Those boots are an older style so they wouldn’t be on the website, so are the boots with gold on the back. I believe Kylie Jenner had them so if you look at pics of her in them you will see.

NAYOTG says:

Those replicas look very good

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