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A tribute to Erwin Blumenfeld by Solve Sundsbo starring CHANEL Rouge Allure. More on http://www.chanel.com.

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Patrick S says:

Her eyes, her lips, her voice definitely Barbara.

Chris Puleo says:

I remember that line, it was the 18 century was it?

SeleniaLovesJustin2 says:


Abner Zarabi says:


Areli Flores says:

Music: Goldfrapp – Strict Machine

Vaire7 says:

thanks 🙂 

AjayYOO says:

Definitely Barbara, checked the website! 🙂 x

AnnieeLin says:

it’s a collection called rouge allure. i could be wrong but i’m guessing it’s the 98 coromandel.

AnnieeLin says:

because this is a lipstick advertisement. also, it’s spelt chanel.

AnnieeLin says:

ahaha nope it’s monika jac jagaciak 🙂 

meowwvv says:

I think it’s Jac, Monika Jagaciak.

Lemon Chan says:

I love CHANEL!

Robert Kovacs says:

I also think it’s barbara palvin 🙂 beautiful commercial

Valentina Ramirez says:

I never though it would come the day when I would see Voldemort pretty and with make-up. Before you attack me with your replies… that was a potterhead joke

vyke dominguez says:

At first i thought it was Jac

oOnexgurL says:

Love this

Vaire7 says:

What is that lipstick color? I really need to know!

Ngoc Long Ong says:

i think its amazing because its different

Bromoteknada says:

how can she love channel If she has no nose to smell it?

kevin ogorek says:

who needs a nose with eyes and lips like that

nancybl says:

Really? That’s why?

Ngoc Long Ong says:

thats why this vid is amazing

Justine Gonzales says:

lovely eyes..

nancybl says:

She doesn’t have a nose.

Елена Монро says:

глаза красивые)

Andry Rivas says:


Wania Kafedarova says:

the look is awesome
gonna try it ;)

崔 瘸瘸 says:

Men hate women who weep

apinkheart22 says:

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Mary McGough says:

What shade is this?!

gold diamond says:

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Oumy niang says:

Barbara Palvin

cary1994 says:

It’s Cassandra from Doctor Who!!!

Machelle Shannon says:

THANX !!! Goldfrappe was newer to me, but that’s JUST who I thought of!! Thanx for a super-cute video !!! Ooh-la-la had captivated some time ago via myspace days!!!

月菜 白鳥 says:

just like 5TS Film “Funny Face” Audrey Hepburn!

BlackRoof says:

I will not buy any more Dior…

…so long as they use Natalie Portman, an Israeli and part of the Settler militia; who persecute Palestinians, terrorizing and even committing murder, to take posession of ever more land, stealing field after field and hijacking resources UNLAWFULLY & BY ANY MEANS!

Janette Rodriguez says:

OMG Barbara Palvin klSJADKHDASK

Allison C. Lopez says:

Oh barbara!

EunicePark1122 says:

“Strict machine” by Goldfrapp

Eunice Hidalgo says:

barbara palvin is flawless

Machelle Shannon says:

DIVINE…. who is the music by ???

xvervainhearts says:

this is barbara palvin. you can tell by the shape of her eyes, mouth, the colour of her eyes, it’s her voice also. google one of her interviews.

Alexandra jonas phelps says:

ugh here come the believers.. please leave?

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