I Buy The Cheapest Thing On Chanel!

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I buy the cheapest thing on Chanel…. Comment what you want from Chanel if you could have anything! ♥ PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 1.6 MILLION SUBS: http://goo.gl/0v5GNS (Turn on Notifications to join the PANDAFAM!).♥
Let me know what other I buy the cheapest thing from videos you’ve seen or want to see like I buy the cheapest thing on Gucci, I buy the cheapest thing at Hermes, I buy the cheapest thing on Versace, I buy the cheapest thing on Louis Vuitton, I buy the cheapest thing on Tiffany & Co, and any other similar videos!

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Bradley Fowell says:

You remind me of Debbie from The Girls Room on the Amanda show lol

Icy-Cupcakes says:

You look like Lêa Elue

Ilsa Latif says:

Buy the cheapest thing on pandora

Tegan McHugo says:

I LOVE the avocado shirt!!! Where did u get it? Plzzzzz tell me!!!

3 Musketeers says:

Do cheapest item from Gucci or Louis vuitton

Hanie Shahirra says:

didnt she buy the bag?why was she shocked HHAHAHAH

Rebecca J Ray says:

I think you can also get nail polish for $25.

olivia flanagan says:

Did you buy your earrings from the 31 rue cambon store? Because the photo showed you in front of it but the bag you have from Chanel is black and they give out white shopping bags!! Just wondering xx

MintyMorgan042 says:

omg where is your shirt from!!!

Princess Atboat says:

Hahahaha I love this! I love you sis

Donouska says:

This is a man deodorant, lol!

Kitty Allen says:

where was that top from?? i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katerina Gketi says:

The cheapest thing on Channel is expensive for many 😂

Chloe Xx says:

I seen your period advert and I LOVE it you go girl ❤️

Tahlia Foster says:

Got the Chanel ad ahaha perfect timing

Marissa Esparza says:

ok ok fine nvm no shoutout

Alice Rice says:

Someone buy this girl a channel bag

Barbara Rozneck says:

Buy the cheapest things from Louis Vuitton

Destiny johnson says:

Where did u get ur shirt from😍

dee sileuxa says:

Lol I really liked this video , your super funny 😂 NEW SUBBIE !

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