I bought a FAKE Birkin!!! And Paris FSH Experience

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Hello. I thought I would share my story on what NOT to do.I am also sharing my experience at the Flagship Store in Paris. I shopped at the Paris store, the Monaco store, the London store, and the Venice store. When all was said and done I ended up with a FAKE Birkin!!

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Cheryl R says:

I stopped shopping on ebay. They used to close accounts of people that sold fakes, but I recently paid almost full price for a shirt and when I got it, it was so fake that it had a hanes label inside. When I complained, ebay stated that they were allowed to sell knock off's as "unbranded" and my response is that I dont have to shop where they allow fakes. And ebay will soon wonder why people stopped shopping there.

Ann Alexander says:

Buy your bag from FASHIONPHILE
Their purses are authenticated.

Andrea Dotta says:

If you don’t know what to do with that bag …I want it!! 😊

Madison Cabrera says:

Wear the dang bag hun! It’s a bag! I’m sorry you got taken, which is quite a shame, but these are 1st world problems. Wear it and hold your head high, or better yet, donate it to a woman’s shelter, or woman’s charity that help them find employment, since you can’t bring yourself to wear it. Should’ve bought a Teddy Blake bag. I did, and wear it proudly!!!! My mum owns a Vintage Birkin worth 20k, which she purchased before I was born, and she couldn’t believe how they were pretty much one in the same. Honestly, not much difference except for the name, and the quality is superb! People will ask me if it’s Hermès, and I tell them ABSOLUTELY NOT, and will never be. Pretentious fops is what those SAs are, and I wouldn’t even give them the satisfaction. To each her own, but donating it might be your best option. Just a suggestion.

PatricRuss says:

There's a certain criteria to get a Birkin. 1. is that you have to have a certain amount of purchase history with Hermes, such as their kitchen sets, other bags, etc. 2. And this is the last, you can't really choose which color you get, as far as I know, you only have two options. Oh and btw, if they say that they "do not have it" It just means that you haven't reached your cap at purchasing from them. P.S, they don't "choose". All they do is just looking at your purchase history with them.

Stephanie V. says:

Unfortunately it seems many “upscale” brands are like this, I experienced the same but at a Louis Vuitton store in Paris… I ended up getting the bag I wanted (speedy 30 Ebene) in Netherlands luckily but I did compromise in color getting Azur instead. Paris sadly wasn’t my best experience but I probably had very high expectations since I wanted to go my whole life, the people weren’t as friendly as I expected.

artno du lot says:

j ai connu des personnes qui travaillent chez hermes .ils n arrivent simplement pas à fournir .c est un vrai travail à l ancienne .ils ne choisissent pas les clients ,en france c est illégal et si ils choisissaient vous seriez choisie.vous avez tout à fait leur style .jolie et chic femme .

Angelie Fernandez says:

Just buy from a store called Brand off 🙂

Mae1978 Jem says:

In a hermes store, before they offer a birkin, they will make sure you spend quite big amount of money

Shirlreview F says:

I just saw your video. Same experience! I went Paris for honeymoon and got nothing! Later I heard you have to buy other things to build up the spending record in order to get offer bags. But spending on other item doesn’t guarantee you will get offer. Sometimes I rather go with reseller which I get to choose the colour and size. Buying directly from store is a great experience but just too hard and too expensive.

Nurse Shaye says:

I'm loving your chanel, I just subbed

Maya Nair says:

I am not going to BEG someone to sell me a $12000 handbag. They should be begging me. The handbags are nice but I’d rather purchase my handbags some place where I’m appreciated.

sup_ monica says:

Loll I will never BEG to buy a designer bag from store. If someone has the money for it, they should just sell it. Louis vuitton and Chanel aren't that stuck up.

I'll buy a fake birkin any day lol

J R says:

Even the sound the hardware makes sound fake

Aliysha Jackson says:

can i have the it or buy it aliyshajckson@gmail.com

Tantamount Montgomery says:

eBay been selling ALOT of FAKES lately WOO sorry about your experience hope u get a Birkin Bag.

alma jukic says:

It is better in your case to purches from tade blake designer.those bag are simular like birkin but is made from real leather.and they made in italy.very ,very good quality bags.

M Nannette says:

This is such an informative video. So sorry this happened to you. If Hermes treated me that way (which I’m sure they would), I don’t think I’d want their bag. It just wouldn’t bring me joy.

Elan2017 Tee says:

There is marketing strategy involved here, Hermes fiercely control their brand reputation and product exclusivity.
Why would you endure such humiliation for a handbag? Spend your money on a great piece of unique jewellery instead. Also, $5600 for a pre loved Hermes is far too inexpensive.

Lu Rezart says:

A Birkin is a symbol of wealth for many. But if your net worth is above $50 million, you might start to get bored after the 5th Hermes bag. 😪…You know that feeling when you meet up for brunch and everyone is carrying a Birkin. Lol.

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