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Hi friends!! (I hope you see the irony in the corny thumbnail title btw! ….If you’re new, I’m not a gold digger – it’s meant to be a joke!!)
Anyway! I actually filmed this video just before Christmas, in this my husband and I went to Harrods to buy Christmas presents for our families and for each other. Most of the day was quite boring (if you were to watch it on here), so I thought I’d dig-out the interesting bits, which include luxury/designer shopping spree on handbags in CHANEL and menswear in Dior. We also took a look at the toy department as we have some kids in the family we had to buy for. I think Harrods must be updating this area of something, because it was actually pretty rubbish!

And then finally, I thought we could hang out in a subscriber mailtime ☺ If you are new and don’t know what these are – they’re something that have really grown over the last few years. I have lots of you who write to me and I’ve taken to reading-out your mail in videos. If you want to write to me, my PO BOX ADDRESS is below.

Merry Christmas friends!

Elle’s Pearl jewellery (these are the earrings I have):

Laura’s Instagram:

———// FEATURED ITEMS //——–


MY NAVY SILK SHIRT (Not affiliate link)

#HusbandBuysWifeCHANEL #LuxuryShoppingVlog


Mail me !

Sophie Shohet
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Virginia Water
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This is not a sponsored video.

Some links to products are affiliate, I try and link to the exact item where possible but if it’s sold out, I will link to the closest similar item. Affiliate links really help me to continue creating YouTube videos. YouTube is expensive to do and affiliate links help me cover off some of the monthly fees associated with creating videos; from licenses to equipment etc. Items marked with an asterisk are NOT affiliate links.

Thank you to my lovely subscribers for watching and for your support, it is valued and appreciated more than you can imagine.
This video is about harrods

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Journey With Jackie says:

happy new year , thanks for the video

Sweet Empress says:

Hi Sophie! I'm a new subscriber from the U.S. I look forward to enjoying more of your videos. I'm really enjoying your content! Wishing you and your family a prosperous new year!

Kendra says:

I’m having the hardest time dealing with turning 30 in 2019, I wasn’t going to watch the Mail part but it made me feel better a bit because I’m terrified.i hope you’ll do more advice videos in the feature especially those who love fashion and dream is to be apart of it.

corikay says:

Sophie, this was such a wonderful and heart felt video! I enjoyed absolutely every moment of it! Hoping you and David have a Fabulous, Healthy, Happy and Amazing New Year!!! I am looking forward to all of your videos in 2019!!! Hugs!!!💙💙💙

A. L. says:

Can you pin your comment with the timestamps?

Thanks so much! Loved this video. Happy Christmas and New year to you guys!

Querida says:

"You know when in life you have to move somewhere you don't necessarily want to go to…" A couple years ago I was driving through Aldershot on the way to someplace else and my immediate thought was "I could NEVER live here" and I'm someone who lived in a trailer park for several years as a kid in the US. Fast-forward to July 2018 and guess where I moved. 😛 It is amazing how places can grow on you though; when Aldershot no longer best serves our needs, I think I will actually miss it a bit. At the very least, I'll fondly remember the charming Nepalese women who are always smiling and saying "namaste". <3

S Douglas says:

As far as I know, the dinosaur trend is from a Spielberg movie called "Jurassic Park" that was in the cinemas years ago.

Rodena Waldmann says:

How materialistic can a person be? Wtf this is sad. There are many rich people in the world- get a life and talk about something else

Elle Florence says:

Just catching up from Hawaii! I'm so happy you love the Nouvelle Pearl Baroque Vermeer Earrings! Plus the Christmas Coco Chanel Rodent of course 😉 Happy new year and sending you and your lovely followers lots of Aloha xx

mangelanaxgirl says:

Omg is the brand you mention with the sale pyramid model, Vorwerk? I have noticed so many youtubers talking about Vorwerk and Thermomix lately but couldn't work out whether this was a genuine recommendation or a sale.. Btw maybe you can do a video about how to distinguish between a youtuber that genuinely loves a product and those that just want the money affiliated with it? Love watching you Sophie xx

Matt Ventanni says:

You really come across as a very sweet and genuine person, which is why I watch your videos religiously! I also want to thank you for introducing me to Luisa Via Roma as I have had some amazing deals on that site because of you! I'm currently waiting on a pair of Valentino bounce sneakers (with the silver front) which I had originally bought somewhere else but i'll be returning them because LVR had a better deal ánd double points haha! Keep it up, ur great 😉 Greetings from Belgium.

Keiran Ward says:

Hay fab video what bag did u get I cart find the video of what you got for Christmas you said it was up today the 30th . Xxx

Dawn says:

Thanks for being a positive & strong woman. Watching your (and a few other positive peoples) videos, made me start my own blog. I am not confident enough to film myself yet, but I will get there— for now the writing. Loving all your videos!

LisaLisaD1 says:

Hey Sophie! Happy New Year! I LOVE the Nude Chanel–Chevron–David seems so sweet! ❤️ Lisa

PetraGreene says:

Harrods is a MAZE!! I always get lost!! Can't ever find a way out of some department!

张杨 says:

I really like your videos!!! If you would like to, please keep on the good work. Thank you!

SeraFina Young says:

Hi Sophie, this is the 1st time I came across your mailtime & frankly, I did enjoy that slot👍👍It kind of felt rather sweet & endearing, to share what some of your subscribers have sent you. I have been watching your youtube videos quite often & enjoying them thus far. I like that it's not all senseless buying and hoarding of luxury goods. I appreciate that there's some important information to help the audience as well, to make more informed choices in shopping for certain luxury items.
More importantly, I like that you do instill a sense of empowerment and independence in women as well, that we are most capable of working hard & being financially liberated to purchase our own luxury items.
In all, you are a good role model & keep up the wonderful vloggs. Have a blessed 2019🌈

Lynn Cohen says:

Thank you for the vlog! Always enjoy watching you two shop.

Lika Taniguchi Martins says:

Both of you and your husband are funny.He is so serious that he possibly wishes to own a new Chanel bag more than you do 😂

Eri Kab says:

New york sucks

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