HUGE Sephora MAKEUP HAUL (and some Chanel)

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Swatches of all the products here: NEW AUGUST DISCOUNT SITE-WIDE for Sigma Beauty! (My…

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Archergrl5 says:

Doe foot

daggeles says:

The hourglass powders are very much tuned to a persons season! I think that is cool. Do you know your season Tiffany?

Sarah S says:

The first Chanel blush you showed is my absolute favorite, it has replaced Nars Orgasm as my go to blush. Great video as always 🙂

narinder kaur says:

I subscribed you because you’re so elegant 🙂 .love you videos

narinder kaur says:

I subscribed you because you’re so elegant 🙂

narinder kaur says:

I subscribed you because you’re so elegant

Bri Burningham says:

nevermind I got it working!

Bri Burningham says:

the coupon code on the sigma website won’t work for me!:(

glamprinzz11 says:

Oh man tiff ive been wanting to try that dior bb eye cream 🙂 let us know how it is looks interesting!!and I tell u this all the time but I love your decor qish u lived here in va so u xould belp me thanks love ya

Madison Easly says:

PS.. you literally have given me countless tips through all four years of my high school career. Whether it be school, prom, graduation.. you’re THE BEST

Madison Easly says:

Would love an updated video about your thoughts on this seasons PLL on tiffanydtv!

Rachel Malone says:

I would love to see a video on your favourite mac products or mac starter kit recommendations (:

tashash17 says:

I love the NARS primer for lids, it’s the only one I’ve tried that actually keeps my shadow in place and doesn’t crease.

TheEdvina says:

Did you see the Chanel cream blushes? Did you prefer the original powder formula to the new cream one? I’ve been curious about them.

cryssdee says:

3:32 It’s called a doe foot applicator 🙂

sweeteverthing says:

This video was very helpful.

giiaannaa1 says:

i used to use that powder for the longest time but i just found that it didn’t keep my skin matte and made me look kind of cake facey so i switched to the maybelline dream matte powder and i am so obsessed with it… it’s about the same price maybe a dollar more (i believe $6) and it’s fantastic but i do see alot of people use and love the rimmel one …i just prefer the maybelline since i don’t get shiny or cakey… hope it helped!

chloelanapaige says:

You’re so cute.

Claudia Lo says:

What camera do you use?!?! your videos look sooo great!

bubbles20101000 says:

Tiffany this Friday a new Sephora store is opening near my home ( this is like the 2nd one in the whole state!!! Lol anyway I want to buy something fabulous what would you recommend?

Irasantizo says:

Nice video Tiffany 🙂 I like the Ysl baby doll mascara. ..but I like more the new bare mineral Lash Domination is really good or at least it work better in my lashes 😉

BeautyByMrsOutlaw says:

I love how the Chanel blushes smell! I am obsessed with my Mocha but I’m pretty sure they discontinued it 🙁 but the rose initiale might have replaced it… at least that is what the girl at the counter told me. But it really is almost the same color and it is a go to blush for me!

BeautyBanterBlog.Com says:

Holy closet!

Kathryn Duchnicky says:

Wow!!! I finally found someone else that has that necklace!

edenrrose says:

Have you tried the Stay Matte powder from Rimmel London? I was wondering if I should get it.

Adriana Garcia says:

That sugar lippy color looks great on you!!

Jenny Saephan says:

Great video! I love the YSL babydoll mascara. I got a sample of it from sephora & I’m obsessed.

MakeupByTiffanyD says:

I have a ton of home decor posts on my blog showing different rooms! I’ll do videos here and there eventually as the new house comes along, but don’t miss the blog posts!

SarahAnd Brooke says:

you should do a house tour!

MakeupByTiffanyD says:

haha… It’s true.

Meagan0491 says:

ALL Bite Beauty Lipsticks have antioxydants in them that are equivalent to 5 glasses of wine. The new collection is not the only ones that have them. Bite is 100% organic and a Canadian brand, that uses food grade products. Just wanted to clarify that it was ALL Bite products and not just the collection 🙂

Michelle camara says:

Please come check out my channel, it would mean so much to me ! <3

agsinger2 says:

i hate nudes on anyone I think it looks bad but that nude looks amazing on you

sugarandspicex1x says:

Loooove that necklace

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