Huge Louis Vuitton Unboxing Alma Pm & Makeup Pouch|DollFaceBeautyx

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Johnetta Darden says:

Imani, quit apologizing for the things you have. They’re yours and you want
to show others what kind of things purchases you make. There is nothing
wrong with that. I love your videos. Much love.

BeautyByGabbie says:

Love that bag! It’s the perfect size and such a pretty, unique color.

Porshay August says:

that’s what I love about you , you’re straight forward about shit and you
don’t take shit from people that always got sum to say. like these other
youtubers are so scared to say something back to the negative shit they get
but nope not you you stand your ground and I love ittttt you have all my
respect boo , love you and your bag haha !

Ashley H. says:

I got that bag in the red. I got pen ink all over the outside

Girl 101 says:

I loved your haul, all the items you bought are beautiful. You don’t have
to justify or explain anything to anyone. You deserve to treat yourself.
Love you hair and make up btw

WhatADoll23 says:

I love Louis Vuitton so this haul was life! Great video 🙂 

Delilah Akosil'e says:

good for you! i watch these kinds of videos because im putting it out to
the universe that i will have these things very soon. great haul

Unpredictable Sammi says:

I Can’t Believe People Hate On You Emani.
You are The Definition of REAL! Keep doing what you do!
People Who Hate Are Just Jealous
You Buying Louis V Now at 18 Means Youll Be Buying a House By 21
Stay Flawless And Don’t Let The so Called “Shade” From Bummish Peasants
Affect You! #yaasss 

Sunnary Kue says:

Nail color please <3 I could not stop looking at your nails, girl !

Crankyanker2 says:

That bag is really cute!

sexycedshawna says:

girll don’t disclaim nothing u paid for it with ur hard money lmaoo shitt
i love that purse and that wallet 🙂 sooo prettty #Goals 

Kourttnee23 says:

how do you make your intro?

Lisa Jenkins says:

my 21st is in June. what second hand shop did you buy it from? i wanna show
out for my bday :)

DollFaceBeautyx says:
BeautybyAndreaJ says:

Love how your bag matched your nails! It fits you all the way.

MochaJen5 says:

Gorgeous Alma! Enjoy!!

SyddiBee says:

That bag is so pretty!!!

Kylee Lee says:

Yasss I love the wallet I just bought the LV Josephine wallet love it! Oh
and your makeup is so cute 

Natalie Thompson says:

Girrl i love your realness in the begininning !!!

Laura Kittie says:

That bag is the shit !

Betty Blount says:

very pretty i luv it

Nicole Hollins says:

Love the purse! So cute. 

ppxLVoe says:

I have the alma pm in ebene.. Was going to sell it but when i see videos on
it… makes me want to keep it in my collection!! ❤️❤️❤️ my emilie wallet
too i have one in ebene and monogram;)) beautiful additions to your

Samantha Constanza says:

love your bag !!!!!! 

wickedchick09 says:

Could do you a haul of Steve Madden purses?!?! I love Steve madden (: but
yes girl I love that purse. If I wasn’t expecting a baby in June I’d buy
whatever I wanted with my taxes. No shame in my game and people should not
be shaming you like this. I always think of buying expensive pieces for
myself as an investment toward a better me! Its worth it in the end if it
makes you feel like a million bucks so work it beautiful love how you’re so
down to earth!!!! (: love your vids

StarSharnice says:

omg omg. I’m in love. is there a process/website you use to make sure your
items are authentic?? I’d love to catch a deal on eBay 

alexa larzeia says:

Can you make a Louis Vuitton collection video? Plz!

Melissa Modeste says:

Most Louis Vuitton products actually darken with age, that’s why your
wallet is lighter but it will darken up to match your bag probably within 6
months to a year. I have the Neverfull GM monogram and the handles started
off cream and darkened to the lighter brown on your wallet.

chanel sinclair says:

I appreciate how honest you are. great video & Beautifullll bag <3 

StaySchwagChick says:
Amanda Janell says:

OMG! I LOVE your purse! So cute!!!!! I want one now! I love that color! I
must have one 

Debbie Bee says:

1:08 Well said

Gianna McDuffie says:

Funny how you’ll still continue to hate, why be mad? how about you get
hungry, get your weight up, the maybe you can afford that bag Imani has.
Stop hating and stop relying on coins and nickels! Really cute haul btw tho

elisa digiammo says:

yourrrrrrrrrrrr too beautiful and i love your videos xxxxxx 

Rebecca Coco says:

If she work hard for her money why you feel the need to make her feel like
she don’t deserve it. People I tell you give credit where is dude and stop
being hateful and jealous another womAn success should be nothing but
motivation love your videos btw 

LifeOfABlueberry says:

Bub what’s on your nails ? What colour is it ? I’m looking for it
everywhere lol ! I wanna get that wallet too !! Saving up for it ❤️❤️ miss
u xxx

k3k3Loveeeee says:

That bag is super cute omg. 

Teznique Beecher says:

You are so beautiful girl you put in work and that bag is lit!!

Latressa Debase says:

Hey girls just wanted to congratulate you on having a fabulous handbag that
I want in love so much no need to hate we don’t let the real haters hate
love you god bless and more power to you and your purse

BrooklynPrepster says:

I just love that bag!! Honestly who cares what people say…you don’t have
to explain the things you get!! Your fabulous and I love your style!! 

nelle d says:

That last bag was STUNNINGGG!!! no wonder you wanted it so much

Normani Smiley says:

– what is the name of your opening song ? 

Carmen Perez says:

OMG that bag is giving me life! And hey you don’t have to apologize for
getting expensive you paid for it!!!!

Sharnay Mills says:

Where you get the charm ?

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