HUGE Louis Vuitton Haul

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Sharing with you my latest purchases from Louis Vuitton! -4 Keyholder Vernis Cerise -Zippy Wallet Cerise -Alma BB Cerise -Cardholder Vernis Amarante -Monogra…

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trina leavers says:

beautiful haul xoxo

Mary Lynda says:

Love your haul!! You are all set for Valentines:)!!

handbaglvr says:

Congrats, what a fun haul. Loved everything. By the way, I’m not sure if
you know about my channel but check it out when you get a chance. My
channel name is handbaglvr. Thx!

UsArmyGirl Ambition says:

If you buy something In stores is it cheaper than getting it online? 

xraygigi says:

Amazing haul…every item is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Loving that Cerise colour.. xox

sarahmeaghan4 says:

Wow amazing haul.. So excited for you!!! and you look gorgeous in this
video!! :)

Lavern Hgg says:

I love your collection you seem so so grateful and appreciative to have
them enjoy them all

MSpanders10 says:

Love all your beauties. LV SLG’s are just so useful. Congratulations to

mrsfortysomething says:

Love the vernis haul. Just beautiful. Would you mind doing a video
comparing the colors pomme d’amour and cerise side by side? If you still
have a pomme d’amour piece of course. I want the key holder in the red and
I know it has just changed. I guess due to lighting, the cerise looks like
an orange/red color to me from the video. Is it truly like that in person?
This would be most helpful. There is not a Louis Vuitton Boutique in my
area. Thanks so much. 

Paula Bauer says:

Wonderful, wonderful collection, wish you also a happy new year.

matthewlikesLV says:

Amazing haul. Happy new year. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Congrats on
your pieces. I have a few SLGS from LV to cross off my list too :)

kvloveslv says:

Looking fab! Nice haul! Happy New Year! 

Celita Guia says:

Lovely pieces, thank you for sharing! I really love the Vernis, hope to
get some pieces someday. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Szys says:

Just found your Chanel! Quite a collection! Beautiful! Am gonna sub now!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

I have that shawl, the colour is devine,

flossy1298 says:

Loved your haul!

Nicole Schattner says:

Hey Debby wieder ein ganz wundervolles Video

imogenbegins says:

I Love your nails! Can you show a closeup and how/where do you get them
done? Are they gel? Acrylic? shellac? Thanx <3

arentUlovely says:

Wow, amazing. Happy New Year to you!

Linda Klinton says:

Omg! Lovely shopping Xoxo Linda 

Rachiella says:

Hi Debby, Please will you do a comparison on colour of your new Alma BB in
Cerise and your Alma in Pomme D’Amore? I really want to buy a red Vernis
Leather Alma BB bag and it would help so much!

HoneyB563 says:

Gorgeous haul, I love the color of that shawl! 

EM angell says:

Great haul!! Your nails are beautiful!!

Rocio Coello says:

Love all the LV pieces you got..Happy New Year xo

Stanleydragonjr says:

I love vernis accessories too,enjoy,I’m on a bag ban now after my last
haul,I did post a picture of the new color alma bb on my Instagram,the
picture does not do it justice,but I thought of you….the new vernis color
is gorgeous,I will probably get a key clei…..

ReinventingMoi says:

Excellent choices

Pikot says:

What a nice haul!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

oh no, a break from buying bags. Fab items

xXxEcKyxXx Ashley P says:

Beautiful haul! Love everything! The new cerise color is to die for! Thanks
so much for sharing

Zolushka Bold says:

Congratz with your amazing collection!!! Love the colours!

MissExpensivePink says:

Fantastic haul!!!! Cerise is such a great color! x

MsIvy12 says:

You definitely ended the year with a shopping bang

aberdonianwanger says:

what a waste of oxygen… try wanting something important…. look at
yourself. vacuous.

Rina Katon says:

Great haul! You have a beautiful Louis Vuttion collection. Thanks for
sharing. Love your videos!

nebras aqa says:

Wow amazing haul hope for u a pretty life happy new year

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