HUGE LOUIS VUITTON HAUL | ft. Christian Louboutins!

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Check out what I got on my recent trip to NYC! Hope you all enjoy watching my unboxing/haul, and make sure to subscribe for more videos like this. Follow me …

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TheChubbbyBunny says:

I always wonder how the hell people can afford all of this stuff.

Cinderella Girl says:

I love those shoes!!!!!

prity alex says:

Amazing haul gorgeous absolutely love you and videos evry tym….so happy
fr u…and u r so lucky to hv such a dream bag swty…hope u grw much more
over d yrs…!!!!

Perryington says:

Slay stephanie slayyyyy

JessiLove says:

you gorgeous

Yelena Tischenko says:

Obsessed with that bag! im saving up money for my first LV bag now, cant
wait to get one!

TheChubbbyBunny says:

I meant no hate at all by my prior comment and no disrespect to you! I just
know personally I’d have to suck like 300 dicks in total if not more to buy
all of this so kudos to you for not having to resort to prostituting
yourself for handbags like I would have to ok this comment is now getting
out of hand so I’m going to stop.

mintberry22 says:

your style is amazing

sweetmarcipan says:

I’ve heard that Louboutins are comfortable to wear- you are the first one
to say most of them are terrible and give you pain. Good to know. 🙂 Love
your bag- it is really great!

123charlyn says:


P says:

Yay apartment tour!!

Jacob Vahn says:

It’s tacky people like you that makes Louis Vuitton raise their prices to
become more exclusive and less affordable to the masses… Oh! 

Hungarian LVGirl says:

the bag is absolutely gorgeous!! I never tried that bag in the boutique
yet. :)

Nouveau1 says:

apartment tour :D

College Couture says:

OH…M…GOODNESS I am in L.O.V.E with everything you got!!!!! Work it
honey WORK IT!!!!!

Kaileen Selig says:

Loveeee the new decor in your bedroom! I vote for an apartment tour to see
the rest! Haha. Love the wallet, purse, and shoes too 🙂 

ilma9609 says:

So glad to see LA is treating my girl good!! Love to see you happy. How’s
Frank doing?

Athena Welch says:

Love that bag girl 🙂 please do an undated apartment tour 🙂 🙂 xoxox

naghma koussar syed says:

Awesome haul Beautiful. 

Elayne Perez says:

Awesome epic haul Steph

Sam Grove says:

Apartment tour video! It already looks so cute from what we can see in this
vid :)

jenecleve1 says:

Epic haul! Great taste! Need those shoes!!! 

Amy Jayne Malagrifa says:

Tour of course! Are those pictures of you on your wall? 

Anthony Gonzalez says:

the wallet is so cute. I cant wait to see the apartment tour :)

Melanie buttle says:

I literally had goose bumps when you showed it luv it

bae_is_overrated says:

You slayed it!!!!

Savannah Borem says:

That’s the W PM. It must be nice to just drop 5,000 on a purse. What does
she do?!

Samarah Bella says:

Lovely items !!!! 

GlitterKitty x0 says:

i need that bag lol xo

Michelle Betancourt says:


Ashlee Peters says:

Yes please do another apartment tour! And I love everything you’ve got! 

Sabrinas Playground says:

In love with the shoes!!!!! 

shoppingfanatic26 says:


astrid arredondo says:

Omg Love this haul

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