Huge High Street Unboxing Haul

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At SheerLuxe we work hard as a team to bring you the best shopping edits every day. But what happens when the fashion team goes rogue? Lu and Charlotte went their separate ways this week, picking their favourite bits from the high street to reveal to each other for the first time on-screen. From must-have party skirts to the ultimate winter coat, see what the girls surprised each other with, and shop their affordable picks now…

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carly dilly says:

Great video….can we have more please. Love everything xxx

Monica Broniecki says:

Love this format. Agree about the big polar bear coat re fit for Lu. 🤓

EileenEdit says:

Why not wear that chunky pink Stories sweater with your sparkly skirt?

Eve Porter says:

I love Lu’s blouse!

Ceri says:

Loved this!

Donna Fitzgibbon says:

Next time how about showing the outfits on you and styled up.

K. H says:

Thanks for this video soooo😍 And please please please I would love to know what Charlotte is wearing. Where is that dress/ combi from?? ❤

Deborah Craven says:

Gorgeous gals !!

Tilly says:

Great haul.

Jennifer Larkhall says:

This made me feel so Christmasy, especially with the echoey music in the background. The pink eyelet jumper is lovely.

Robin Sherwood says:

Love both of you! Love the haul. xo

Ludovica.M. says:

LOVE this kind of video, it should definitely be a regular thing! Maybe every month? Please consider it! Also I was wondering what’s the brand of Lu’s white frilly blouse? It’s amazing! Xxx

Rasheda Hussain says:


Laura Pinney says:

This should be a regular video with all the sheer lux ladies. Great watch 👍🏼

xparisxparis says:

Loved this and much preferred it to the stand up format you guys usually do. Cut aways of the items on would be a bonus next time. Considering a midi sequin skirt and leather track pants now 🌟🌟

D casey says:

Such a good vibe between you too. Love the dynamic. Could sense the anticipation of opening the packages and could relate 😂 loved the pieces though complete different styles v cool

Adrian Rami says:

Please add a cut in where you wear everything please

Fiona Bell says:

Loved ~charlottes tan/burgundy boots? M&S blazer,and the grey coat/blazer, and grey dress. Not sure if it’s healthy to wear faux trousers for our undercarriage, lol. We need to breath.

leanne kiazim says:

Love this!! Another great video. 👍🏻

Marina Rubio says:

Can you do highstreet & designer IT bags?❤️

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