Huge High End LA Haul-Napoleon Perdis, Chanel & More!!

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THUMBS UP FOR CHRISTMAS DECOR!!! HOLLA!!! Hello my loves, today we have a super luxury haul with a little drugstore thrown in at the end!! Enjoy!! SEND ME LETTERS- PO BOX 513 WATCH MY …

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Napoleon Perdis says:

We absolutely ADORED having you! We hope you enjoy all your goodies. Golden
Peach looks next level fabulous on you. xxx NPHQ

Young Wild and Polished says:

Super Long Super Highend Haul!!! 

Dreina917 says:

Where does one buy Napoleon Purdis ? 

Ksenia Star says:

I have that Chanel primer I looooove it so much I can’t deal without it. 

Briana Siracuse says:

Oh my camels Nicole! I’m still in the first 5 minutes of this haul and I
have some really sad news!! My husband took me to Ulta for some retail
therapy after a rough day Friday and he bought me my first Napoleon Perdis
item… actually my first prestige product all because he knows I watch you
religiously and knows I love most of what pretty much everything you
suggest (He actually found it…and we had a discussion like you were our
bff….He was like “Hey…isn’t that this brand that Nicole goes on and on
about?” lol…anyway… I got the quad for like $8. Which is great…until
I found out why it was so cheap! 🙁 Apparently they are pulling all of the
NP out of all the Ultas! I just wore it for the first time today and it was
incredible… which excited me, but saddened me at the same time because
now it’s even less accessible! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I
love it…but its kinda bittersweet…. I know FWPs right? Anyway…love

Amandecay Beauty says:

Soooo I’ve been on napoleon perdis website for the last hour now… I think
I just want to buy the whole website lol!! They’re products look solo
amazing, thank you for sharing, I can’t wait til I get my products!!! :D

MonikaLynette says:

I love the makeup look you are wearing. You’re so gorgeous I looooove your
pixie cut you wear it well. I also loooove how you say “on” lol I’m a
weirdo :P. I love how informative you are with products you make me want to
buy everything! You are one of my guilty pleasuress! Love your channel
you’re gorg <3

Madison Cabrera says:

Love your videos, but GET A GRIP, AND STOP CUSSING! My goodness! There
isn’t a need for it. We get your enthusiasm for the products, but they
don’t deserve that kind of discription. Save it for the times when you
really need to use it, say when your in your house, and aren’t broadcasting
to the public. Also callling yourself a bi%@#%, a female dog, is taking
womanhood back 50 yrs! When teenage girls or young women call themselves
or their friends a bi%@#%, or any other derogatory word describing a
female, they sound beyond rediculous and uneducated. As a mature woman,
you sound twenty times worse, like you’re trying to be like them. You
don’t need to be, as you are full of fire and flare. No need to
overcompensate, and even if you’re not, that’s how you come off! I know
you’ve been told before, and you may say, then opt out of your videos, but
this critisim is constructive, and not meant to bring you down, or defeat
your purpose, but to mearlly say it isn’t necessary. Your far better than
that, and I don’t even know you! 

Mia Fournier says:

Love your videos! I have heard so many good things about the Chanel primer.
I am going to be buying a new one soon and this has definitely moved it up
the list of things to get.

Colette Collins says:

Topaz u ROCK! U deserve all the freebies 🙂 don’t feel guilty your a
wonderful person who makes us all laugh and brightens up our days! Love u

floralisa1975 says:

You should film like a GRWM First Impressions on the Jordana products and a
separate one on the NYX ones! 

But First Coffee says:

I’ve just been seeing Cashmere everywhere, such a unique color.

Ashley Walker says:

is your daughter into makeup? does she try to steal yours?

LulyTubee says:

Lol I love you girl! And please never ever stop the bloopers they are
hilarious it makes you more relatable it’s like me talking shit to my self
lol xo wink *

XxSarahNicolexX says:

Great haul!! I LOVE the Seaberry oil! I mix lke 4 drops in with my
moisturizer and it’s awesome! The smell scares some people, but I love it
combined with my Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve!! xoxo

Ashley Hall says:

The longer the videos the better! 🙂 I’d love to see the nyx contour
palette in the nyx video :)

Mean Jean Makeup says:

So exciting you got so many amazing products!! I would love to see
outrageously long videos for Milani and nyx, partially evaluate I’m excited
about the products but also because your videos brighten my day. Your
bloopers make me laugh so much! The killing the whole community comment had
me in tears. I always thought I was dramatic but I can’t even come close I
your craziness. LOVED IT!!

JamiePaigeBeauty says:

Oh man everything looks amazing

JSK says:

Super long videos!! Napoleon Perdis, Jordana, Milani, and NYX! I want to
see everything!!
And ColourPop!

Kass Ni says:

O.M.Gosh your makeup look today is stunning! Is it your eyes? Your nude
lip? Just gorgeous!!

MrsKrikit says:

Haha, when you said “But it was only $45” about the Chanel primer I gave my
computer monitor the weirdest look! Das espensive!
I’m not complaining though, I love your videos, I don’t care if you’re
talking about stuff I can’t afford :)

Desiree Leatham says:

Omg I was gonna recommend the SeaBerry Oil, maybe I should watch the video
in it’s entirety before commenting, haha. I really it but it smells like an
old sock and doesn’t absorb that well. I do prefer it over Josee Maron
(sp?) and Tarte Marcuja, also another I’ve tried but the oil I have been
loving is Boscia Tsbuki Oil, it’s amazing, you have to get a sample. The
one in the bool bottle is good too. Def the best facial oils on the market.
I am a skincare whore too so I know whats up. haha~

Catie P says:

I love the Fresh Seaberry Oil. It did really good things for my oily skin.
You’re probably going to be surprised by the fragrance- it’s almost savory!
Took some getting used too. Great video, girl! Xoxo

sydbren09 says:

When you were talking about the lime crime lipstick in cashmere I thought
of this lipstick I bought my bite beauty..its the luminous creme lipstick
in the shade “cava” …it is a really interesting color. I haven’t seen
cashmere in person but I feel like they would be pretty similar, it has
that grayish purple color. Maybe you should give it a try! :)

Marla Robinson says:

fresh & first aid beauty products are the best. I want the Chanel Le Blanc

Piperbabe22 says:

YES to NYX video, YES til MILANI video, YES to Jordanna video 😛 Will watch
it all :D

Sarah Blmi says:

yes for a jordana and nyx video about everything they sent you please :D

Shelley H. says:

The Mabeline Concealer creases like a B**ch before i finished applying my
makeup. Hoping it works better for you

Priscilla De Jesus says:

OMG, that was an amazing haul, love, love, loved it! I live in PR and I
want to take a plane right now and go to your house and get all that
makeup! Sorry, but your excitement is contagious! Yes do all videos, a Nyx
one, a Jordana one and a Milani one! I will be dreaming tonight with
makeup! Enjoy! :D

KSMbeauty says:

I came here from Kathleen’s channel & I am so glad I did! It’s almost 3am
over here in NZ & I’ve been marathoning your videos since 8pm. I can’t
even. You’re so great. Kathleen is my favourite person in the world & now
she sent me to you too? Oh lord, I am so happy you exist :p LOVE xxx

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