How to tie the cord on the Louis Vuitton Noe

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Hello everyone!!! I finally got a chance to record this! Yay! It was highly requested that I show you how I tie my Noe 🙂 hope this helps!!
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**Preloved Petit Noe on Fashionphile:

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Wendy Sanders says:

Thanks!! Just got a vintage Noe and thought “where is that great video Tif did on tying the cords?” Lol. This does make it so much easier to use!

Jeanette Negron says:

Wow!!! I have this bag in the black Epi leather and one of my issues was tying it in a bow and retying and retying……I had seen it tied like this but thought it was just a regular "knot". Sooooooo glad I happened on this video! I ran to get my bag and tied it while you were doing it! I will absolutely love my bag soooo much more now~ Thank you so very much for sharing!!! It is not even new but so very relevant! Makes me want this canvas one~ I have seen this one with tassels and it dresses it up a bit~

Teresa Bown says:

Oh and you just taught me how to tie them lol!

Teresa Bown says:

You are my favorite youtuber! I watched all your reviews then I bought the Noe GM, vintage in mono, and the black multicolored Noe! I love them both!!

Justine Ott says:

Super helpful! I used this knot to close up my monstrous!!!

Christy Tran says:

Super helpful video. I got the noe be for Christmas from my hubby. It's cute but so annoying having to retie it after I need to go in there.

chewie dawg says:

i just bought a preloved gm noe but its missing the drawstring…any ideas where i can buy to replace it??? ur suggestions are highly appreciated

Adelynn Oei says:

Thanks to you, I can used the bag better 🙂

Sandra Newton says:

Great demo.

dani Dani says:

Thank you. I saw you bought the other petit noe. Did you sell this pm noe? And if so. What were the differences?
Great channel!

Vivian Viv says:

Well done! I managed to pick up the technique from you. Thanks a lot for the wonder tips.

Kimberly Lambert says:

I received my vintage noe today and tied it your way. Fantastic. Great video..subscribed.

Tonisha Taylor says:

Sorry this is such a late comment but thanks for this video! I just received my vintage Epi Noe and was tired of making a bow. I followed your instructions and I love how it closes so much tighter. Thank you!

Red Ruby Creations says:

This was so helpful! Thank you xx

Diana Dewey says:

Thank you, took me a while but somehow with several tries go it! I think your the only one on the web to show this. LoL

Dakota Doll says:

Damn you sound like Jodi a Arias .. and certainly look like her too..

rosa_gilly says:

Very useful, thanks!!!

BagsComeAndBagsGo says:

Hi! I received my petit Noe and I'm happy with it based on the pictures I saw prior to ordering, as well as her age and what I new of her, born in 1992. I made my second video with her and I hope you don't mind that I mentioned your channel in that video. Thanks again for this video showing how to tie the pull string. I'm going to buy some brass cleaner and try to shine up the rivets that the pull string goes through. Looking forward to more of your videos! Please subscribe to my channel. Oh and I also am hooked on your friends channel 408California408 (I'm guessing her name right now). She does great! She has me thinking of filming videos at my work area after hours. I need privacy – would feel really dumb in front of my husband. Lol

Christy J says:

Haha…I had to re-watch your video because I forgot how to tie my knot!!! Thanks again!!! Super helpful, glad you did this video!!!

Susie Carranza says:

Thank you for this video! Such a simple and classy way besides tying it in a bow.

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