How to Style the Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: The 70s

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the 7th episode of my wardrobe building series. In this episode I will be showing you how to style one of this season’s biggest trends: The 70s!

This series will teach you some of the things I’ve learned personally as a personal style blogger and professionally as a fashion buyer to help you build the wardrobe of your dreams!

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prerana adhikari says:

Can’t wait for you to blow up

GreyDynastyTV says:

Yeap, still rocking my flared jeans! 😅

Hey Misses says:

Why have you been gone for a few months? Are you coming back soon 🙁

The Hadeer Hameed says:

U make the 70s look so chic and modern ❤

Susan Schafer says:

In the 70s I was backpacking through Europe and Central America, wearing faded cutoff Levi's and t-shirts… now in 2015 maybe I can try doing some 70s inspired fashion…lol. Thanks for the video!

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