How to Spot a Fake Lady Dior Handbag Review My Christian Dior Bag

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In this video you will find a lot of tipps helping you to identify an Authentic Christian Dior Handbag. Lady Dior is a Timeless Classic and a must have for all the fashionistas.
In this video we will compare two Lady Dior Handbags: Authentic One from Last Christian Dior Collection and a used Fake one.
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Dont become a victim of buying a fake bag which would be a garbage after a couple of month!

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Mat Nor says:

i can tell u, so far yours is the best video for fake vs original among all.. good jobs ! it helps a lot

Alina Mazlan says:

Thanks for sharing!

Deana K says:

I will purchase this bag if it is for sale. TY

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