How To Pronounce Yves Saint Laurent

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This video shows you how to pronounce Yves Saint Laurent.

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jlotus41 says:

It’s a joke people. Check out the rest of them from this uploader. It’s
supposed to be silly. 

M Thoriq Malano says:

This is wrong.

adam zawahir says:

no he has a point. this is how most american pronouce it. it’s

Rumbie Chantelle says:

or just say YSL.

Candle MedPet says:

You are entirely wrong. Please, refrain from your misguided comments and
finally learn how to pronounce things.

LookOut667 says:

Actually no, it’s french and the french do NOT pronounce it like that. He’s
still pronouncing Saint the English way.

Jaya Ojha says:

Eva’s sane wowoow!!!

Grakkov says:

Evif sane wawan

SuperPrincessSyd says:

I thought it was pronounced “ex-pen-sive”. Hmm.

Marilyn Ordenis says:

funny.haha i can just say ysl then..

Kevin Cheng says:

Literally ROFL

James Tan says:

like really? pede YSL nalng. nyaha

Amanda HaleStorm says:

This is hilarious…. Best 8 seconds of my life.

Pea Nut says:

Lol, I thought it was just me who this odd , then I read the other comments

Anna Cuhlio says:

i am sitting alone in front of my laptop and laugh like a complete maniac.
this is mental. the flatmate must think I’ve gone crazy.

munera648 says:

jajajaj, como me he reído con este payaso….

XxDemon23xX says:

looool is this trolling me or what?

usucktoo says:

bwwhahahhaha! this is a troll video right?

Dj Fidel Cashflow says:

either this one is strangely close to how it’s actually supposed to be
pronounced.. or I’ve been pronouncing it horribly for quite some time.

Candle MedPet says:

Uh, no, this is 100% accurate. You are completely clueless, this is the
exact way to pronounce it.

Axel Ns. says:


rmm236922 says:

And linguistics, you have my heart.

Brandon Griffith says:

eve san la ron

rmm236922 says:

I suppose this is how it is pronounced if you have a lisp or are speaking
French with an accent-less Castellano dialect.

Malcolm Lang says:

This is a mock up. I had my brother, who specks French listen to this
video. He was LHAO.

Akolade Omotosho says:

LMFAO!!! This shid cracked me up so hard. Lmao. “Ifahn fehn wuhn wuhn”
Thought it was “Yeevs sen loren” or something.

rmm236922 says:

My version– phonetically (American English): eevuh-san-lorh-anh Try to
begin swallowing when you pronounce the “r” and then immediately, and very
briefly, exhaling through your mouth and nose with the almost indetectable
“h” sound. Try this same thing with the ending “nh” sound. I love phonetics.

Mr. Lynx says:

Laurent is actually spelt french… lauron.

Adam K says:

I love it how some people take this shit serious. They’re even funnier than
the video.

nympherius says:

I lolled hard man!

LiGangwei says:

It’s obviously correct, what are you talking about?!

becxbecx says:

this is bull shit!

framboise123456 says:

eeve sain (as in saint) loron (like in moron) !!

themarcusismael13 says:

SOOOOO WRONG! It’s “eave sahn low rohn”

Sadea Abdul says:

I’ve wasted HOURS watching these 8 second videos!

dcnkv5 says:

Who played this joke? Lmao

Angie Michelle says:


BeckieAmIRite says:


itsmennnn says:


Diyana Aliaa says:


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