How to Pronounce French Luxury Brands | Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and More!

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The title is self explanatory. Here are some of the major French Luxury Brands pronounced. You can skip the intro at the 4:06 mark. Enjoy! 🙂

In order of appearance:

Louis Vuitton
Champs Elysees
Rue Cambon
Pochette Accessoires
Damier Ebene
Damier Azur
Rose Poudre
Pochette Metis
Le Pliage
Christian Dior
Yves Saint-Laurent

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Qoodi Gandoflini says:

Excellent work!

Azurie One says:

Excellent job!!

Bits 'n Bags says:

Hey Grace. I'm glad I was pronouncing everything correctly! I haven't lost my French! You should do an updated video. Add on Louboutin and Balmain. 😊

Leo says:

Loui vweeton

Madame F says:

Yessss. Someone correctly pronouncing French luxury brands!!!!!!!

Maria Smith says:

I enjoyed it so much. Thank you for sharing! 🌹🌹

Nad Ja says:

Why are most of the famous luxury brands French?

Marianne says:

You should've put the picture of the bags as a background instead of black

Nghiep Huynh says:

How to say Walmart lol :v…. anyway thanks for those pronounces :))

Na Na says:

Why is the ‘S’ pronounced in Hermes? I would have thought in French this would have been closer to Air-May ? 👍

Rebecca W says:

Thank you! Love this!!

Kadelle says:

Great video you two! 🙂 This is gonna help so many people xx
ps. I have also heard something about Métis being the name of a "North American ethnicity" which supposedly used to be split up between Anglophone and Francophone communities. Spelled without the apostrophe, Metis could also just refer to one of Zeus' many lovers 😀

Toni R says:

GREAT post and it would have been perfect if you would have included some eye candy by showing images of the words being pronounced (just my 2 cents 🙂

Autumn Beckman says:

This is SO helpful!!! Great idea!

Dawn Loves Couture says:

Your husband did a great job! Bravo!

Angélique Eva says:

Loved this, so informative. Thank you for sharing!

Jane Nikkel says:

Thank your husband for helping us! Good video!

The StyleSynonym says:

Oh, quelle belle vidéo! Je n'entends pas très souvent le français. Ça m'a fait sourire !!!

Sandi Stroud says:

I can really mispronounce French words. Thanks to your husband for informing us on the proper ways to say the names.

Simply Silent says:

Great informative video as usual. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing!

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