How To: DIY Chanel Inspired Pillow – Belinda Selene

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Daneen Covino-Rogers says:

If you have a printer, you can print the logo on iron-on transfer sheets
and then just iron it on the fabric, this way you don’t have to sew, glue
or worry about fraying.

Ohmahjiggles says:

Where did you buy the curtain behind you?? 

Fasyaaa Syafieeqaah says:

I love all your videos Belinda !

xoxomaxine1 says:


ranad fahad says:


Allure5826 says:

HI Belinda! i’m loving your channel. your such an inspiration. just
wondering where did you purchase your body form (mannequin)

SevenEpicTeenOffical says:

I love this you jut got a new subscriber!

nour flower says:


vampiregirl009 says:

Hi can you tell me from where to find the Chanel logo to make a cushion
pls? 🙂

1justice2012 says:

Thank you!!!!!!!, you so sweet.

1justice2012 says:

Would look good too!!

Laura lee says:

Hello, I love your Idea’s, I am also a creative person, I thought you might
like to know about witch stitch. If you are not going to wash the item a
lot, this will iron on and leave a seamless look also for you felt logo and
seam on pillow you just use an iron. You can get different strengths as
well! I should post some of my DIY’s.

Savannah Marie says:

Repost this onto 5 othervi your parents will die in 5 years

Maria lopez says:

Plz do a d.i.y for the rest of ur pillows 🙂

Eman. S. says:

luv it :* its really very good job, thanks for sharing your experience in
doing your own chanel pillow, gonna do it ( by God’s willings ) thank you
and just subscribe your awsome channel for your chanel 😀

Ashley Ross says:

you should do a white pillow with the black chanel logo.

SmplyBielieber says:

where do you get your other pillows or if you make them by yourself can you
do more diy? Your video’s are amazing! thankyou love 😀

shannonmauraconway says:

omggg where is the gold sparkly pillow from!? <333

Elza Vasermane says:

I love Your channel.

bacon bear says:


bacon bear says:

My name is Chanel 3

trouble says:

Just made

MissHarajukuBlonde says:

aww I love that chandelier cushion. I’m guessing you’re from America then?

Sarah Higgins says:

Awesome! 🙂 So cute! 🙂

Naomi Cheung says:

The fleece looks like felt

mygirlythings100 says:

Please can u do a video how to do that pillow behinde the black and white
pillow with the dark pink please?!!!

Belinda Selene says:

Thanks for stopping by my channel love!

FashionQueen says:

WOW !!!! I thought you bought the pillow!!:}

ynamcanlas93 says:

Awww you replied!!! :”)

frances w says:

where did you get the sparkly pillow. its so cuteee

Belinda Selene says:

From Joann’s Fabrics 😉

Marie Fool says:

Just a question, did you make the chandelier pillow?)

Jolina A says:

Where did you get the chandelier pillow? 🙂 And you just gained another
subscriber 😀

Riana H says:

Can you do a diy video for a “melting”/dripping chanel pillow please?

mocha2z says:

Hi Belinda came across your channel and had to sub. Do you have a template
for the pink pillow?

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