How to Authenticate a Louis Vuitton Handbag

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How to make sure your Louis Vuitton handbag is authentic. Make sure your LV is not a Fake.

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Tina Siuagan says:

Hello! Is it possible for fakes to have correct date codes? Also, are date codes good indicator of a LV bag's (e.g. neverfull) authenticity?

Xochitl Paige says:

Oh man, counterfeits have up their game. I'd save my money and get a replica.

Monalisa Garcia says:

She is ridiculous

Thirty Two says:

Damn she fine

B C says:

I can’t watch this anymore. She is so grossly off

B C says:

Sweetheart I make LV bags at the manufacturer and I can’t tell you how off you are on your video. Sad!

Nada R says:

even real Luis vinton doesn't deserves this much money, its canvas! it's a rip off and fooling stupid people!!

Paul Morphy says:

That is NOT what Hand stitching looks like!

SevenDeMagnus says:

Thanks. Cool.

Asusena Martinez says:

Hi so I just bought a Louis Vuitton in the neverfull monogram print. I purchased a preowned bag. I noticed the date code is on the side of the pouch does this mean it’s not authentic anybody have an answer??

F. Reyes says:

feedback…you DON'T need to repeat, "an authentic louis vuitton handbag,,," since that's basically in the title of your video. Second, there is no such word as 'fourthly"…..

Shannon H. says:

How is 0058 a month and year??????

royaltyblessings says:

Can the date code on a pleated jean purse be stamped with red ink

Rachel Bius says:

I have a high quality fake and everything is exactly the same as here. The leather is even aging as the real thing. I have the larger version of this bag and the wallet.

arnie boi says:

Damn u shud have a fake sample to compare both!

Alba Garcia says:

I bought mine in Europe so it doesn't have a date code. I'm trying to sell it online but I get asked for that number. Is the number not there because it is an European model? It is a 100% an authentic bag. Thank you.

whatever says:

Handmade does not mean stitched by hand. The bags are made on machines. The slant you see is the way the machine does the stitches. WHY do people thing that LV stitches all their bags with a hand needle and thread?

Djms&capo DeMorais says:

As normal if you travel to Europe countries such ,France,Spain ,Portugal,Switzerland you will find near rubbish bins good stuff.2days ago I found a LV bag ,made in France.Quality ,good stitching but no code I find anywhere !

Djms&capo DeMorais says:

I believe for better see Lee Chin Chung's termite LV Bag made in xangai fako,to compare with real,you shud have both side to side

Ree Cee says:

Short and sweet. Thank you!

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