How Much is Your Outfit? – Milan Fashion Week

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How much is your outfit in MILAN PART 2 OF 2. Everyone in Milan with their Yeezy’s!!! So many nice outfits but the winner was chosen and he won €100.

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NothingButRage says:

1:54 that cdg tee fake af that heart look cockeyed

Hungary says:

0:22 how its 860?

Its all Gucci Rahhh says:

Is it me or is that CDG logo really fucked up at 1:48?

Hassan Chowdhury says:

Don't let them indoctrinate you with The,re garbage 😂

Djoki says:


TR0Y MEMES says:

AF1 are $50 so these man be lying

kjrav says:

Lol cross chain 500 bullshit

Simon Andrew says:

600 € belt and 50 € pants….f*** genius

FreeMyNigaX lmao says:

2:21 shit

Nexus FX says:

Steal my outfit:

Supreme Tagless Tee 30$

Off white hat 102$

Off white Bernini hoodie 450$

Target pants : 18$

NMD Neon yellow and purple : 145$

Nike socks: 15$

Off white industrial belt: 155$

915$ Outfit

Fede X says:

Porco dio ahahahha

ZW6 says:

Off white jacket 😂 3:22

nick guz says:

Lol, he made a mistake the cost was $360 at 0:21

Filli Libra says:

Italiani facciamosi sentire 😂

Real831 says:

All these white geeks aint shit without flexin with these brands all i know is that this proves that hella white parents baby there kids and thats why white kids act up ..

Panaman Sulttaani says:


Chris Carrera says:

Being lame ass fuck priceless

Hi It’s Just me says:

The dude who won is so cute though

Hi It’s Just me says:

I think my outfits would be under 100 € 🙂

Dollaro _ says:

Ma il porcone tirato nella intro quanto ci stava ahahahah? 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

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