How much cheaper is it to buy CHANEL, LV, or Hermes in Europe? Plus Tax Refund Tips

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Luxury Life Without The Luxury Price

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GucciBeaR says:

Thank you for being so relaxed and sharing. Italy was s crowded and annoying with the VAT locations versus in the airport. They did have a VAT refund inside the airport in ROme but lines were still long. I felt as if Paris had a better system

jemila seid says:

Thank you so much I find your video very helpful. I'm planning to travel to London in a few weeks and getting my first Chanel classic flap there. I'm from Canada do I pay taxes here ?

toyarj37 says:

Chanel prices keep going up but the quality is not getting better. At one one those chains were 14k gold plated. It's getting ridiculous.

Jeana Harpel says:

Thank you so much, this is very helpful 

CarlosSpungenMoss says:

Great info! Thankyou!

raspberry cashmere says:

I'm so glad I found your channel. so helpful. thanks for spending your time to make Europe travel videos and tips. particularly the price differences in Europe and the states.

rancarolable says:

Hey gal, which branded handbags that you think must get in Paris? I'm guessing chanel & LV :)

E Winston says:

Love this video. So glad I found the English version. So much info. Thanks.

Tucker's Mom says:

Hi, thx and love your vids…they are so informative! Just one suggestion to consider is to either do away with the background music or speak a bit louder pls…seems hard to hear you pretty voice! :)

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