How I got my first Hermes Birkin in Paris and Unboxing

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Hey guys allow me to share my new baby to my collection. I have waited for approximately 6 years to procure one of these.
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Divamomz NY says:

Wow!!! You had an awesome time birthday shopping, so happy for you!❤️❤️❤️

MSpanders10 says:

What a beauty, a big congratulations I am so happy for you!

TheLuxeBabe says:

Congrats on your new Birkin babe, It's absolutely stunning.xoxo

Pa Yang says:

Congrats’s beautiful ❤️😍❤️

Nierra Smith says:


Rhonda Allison says:

What a beauty. Congratulations 🎉

MissH1982 says:

OMG it's beautiful and from!! The 35 suits you to a T and it's from Paris!! It looks perfect on you! Especially in your white ensemble. What a wonderful Birthday present. I got my Kelly 2 weeks before my birthday, my SA has asked me when I'm ready for the next to let her know eek.

cranberry soda says:

Gorgeous bag! I love the size ❤️❤️❤️

Tricia S. says:

I love your new Birkin bag, but I could not stop staring at the Chanel bag on the table. 💕

SimplyCin says:

She’s so beautiful!! 😍😍

MsEEvaM says:

Im all WHERE IS SHE. chill out she’s on vacation

pursejunky says:

omg you’re soooo lucky!! 😀 congratulations!!! my dream combo but size 30. How much?

Bking228 says:

congrats Tasari!! I'm glad you had an awesome birthday! This is the ultimate gift ! lol Love your channel 🙂 –ayo.B :p

playful pets says:

That's nice – Angelle Charisse

J W says:

OM “Freaking” G! Toutes nos félicitations Tasari, your B35 is gorge!

Gisela Love.being.alive says:

Loveeeeeee 👏🏻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

BRKLYN 29 says:

Beautiful purse just like the owner!

SoSoSteph says:

Congrats on your new babies.

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