“His & Hers” Louis Vuitton Holiday Gift Ideas!

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Hope you all enjoy part 1 of my LV gift guide, all items listed are under $500 and can be found at www.louisvuitton.com! For Her -Tapage Bag Charm -Stephen S…

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arentUlovely says:

Nice ideas. The DG is a print that I’m loving as well. Isn’t it interesting
that our men won’t buy certain items/brands for themselves, but if you gift
it to them they love it. 

MSpanders10 says:

Great video. One thing, I have the DA key cles and mini pochett and have
worn them both inside my infifi speedy and have never had color transfer.
I haven’t worn them inside my Orient yet

KolorsbyKel says:

Luv luv luv it all

ddgladiva says:

Great video, love every thing you showed. I love that DG hat, I was
actually thinking about buying it for myself. I love that print and it also
wish they’d make women’s items in it. I plan on getting a Keepall in this
print at some point. Have you finished all of your Christmas decor ? This
will be your first Christmas as Hubby and Wife, yaay for you both

Makeoversblissfully says:

Great picks I think in going to get the charms n the makeup pouch oh by the
way I love your sweater where did u get it the details are so pretty it
look like a sweater I saw in jcrew. 

Shanti Sangit says:

Yea! I loved it…Love your sweater too…it’s gorgeous!


Awesome his and her gift’s ideas thanks for sharing

sweetfaceluxe says:

I am going to up my accessories game because of you! I have such a quaint
little collection, I told myself once I start working I want to get to
working on my slg collection! Thanks for sharing Love! 

kvloveslv says:

Thank u for sharing! Happy holidays!

cowboyboom says:

Great ideas! What happened to ur instagram?

Kooly Gal says:

Very nice video…I have the cosmetic pouch in DE but that multicolor had
me drooling lol

camie says:

great items! your hair hair looks so bouncy and healthy!!

Jasmine Blanks says:

This was right on time. I was having the hardest time trying to decide on
gifts for my baby but thanks to this video, I’ve made my mind up. Thanks

fitjock1 says:

great video. miss you and paris on IG.

nailjunkie242 says:

Great video.

Pamela Arceneaux says:

Very nice items. 

Abbey Mugroso says:

Thanks for sharing 🙂 love eveything.

Lavern Lasalle says:


Lisette Lindo says:

Hey Shanna. Nice to have you back and doing what you love. Great video

mrsglover99 says:

Hey when are you going to do your Target Tuesdays. I like those videos. 

insidelook24 says:

great video!!

pursediva says:

LV’d the video 

cocacola988 says:

I always love your background can u do a room tour

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