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Louis Vuitton Cup Final Race 7 highlights. ——————————————————————– www.facebook.com/americascup www.twitter…

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5252dan says:

I wonder what the ballsports beople are doing!!!!! awesome videos. thanks very much

celso cavallari says:

It was boring to watch! But boy I love it catamaran on wings there is not more exiting for me. Is f####%%ing boring to watch it any way! I wish I was there!

christhorsen55 says:

Perhaps “boring”, as there is no opposition. But it is exciting sailing in a new medium at tremendous speeds!

He aha bro! says:

Great commentating from the Americans!

Ashrya Soni says:

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Bravolabcomposites says:

if you think these boats are fast take a look at the MOD 70. They’re not only fast, they cross oceans averaging 45 knots at times

Anthony Kramer says:

awesome simply awesome

Stephen Cairns says:

celso you are boring go back to sleep mate

Scott Maddock says:

47knots actually

EpeRoN7 says:

They hit 40 knots i thinks

Brendon Collom says:

to first win the america’s cup you have to win Louis Vitton so well I did not need to tell you challengers that but a farmers harde is worthless to hold onto and charge wages for wealth not appreciated

Fred Miller says:

37.8 knots 55 MPH !! Never in my wildest dream would I have thought a sailboat that weighs 7 TONS could ever go that fast… These cats bring a whole new dimension to the sport of sailing…. Love it!!!

celso cavallari says:

Boring, boring boring I wish I was sailing it, non sailing crowd can’t watch it with out falling a sleep! Boring, but I wish I was there sailing it. By the way is just standard sailing nothing more tha lots of money on it!

thewindyrainbow says:

Amazing…unbelievable !!! Kiwi’s dominate…that’s all… looking if they’ll do the same against Oracle too at this stage…being beated by them…let’s go kiwi’s !!! 🙂 NZ it’s so fair…however is where the cup have to go….

Jim Duncan says:

Between the All Blacks and Team Emirates, I am looking at emigrating to New Zealand!!

STEVEN Rosey ROSE says:

Wow Wow Wow this is amazing to watch the speeds the excitement the feeling of the whole Regatta its making my eyes going funny watching to much America,s Cup

NeoFalcon69 says:

Bravo NZ.

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